February 7, 2014


Today I'll be talking about my new hair for the year of 2014!
Nothing extravagant as compared to my purple hair... BUT way better than before ;)

So the last time I visited Salon Vim would be about 3 months ago, and within the 3 months I've been absent,  my hair has been growing and becoming harder to manage (from the frizziness) 
so 1 week before CNY I figured it was time to get my tresses fixed.
As you can see (pic above) my roots were greeting the world and omg it was such an ugly sight!!!
 I arrived to meet my stylist Weng and we discussed about what I can do with my hair next, hehe

For those who didn't know, I used to have purple hair and I did quite a bit of bleaching to it
so as my hair grew the ends became really weak and brittle :( 
After attempting to go darker, only the ends could absorb the ashy brown shade since they were bleached before and my roots would be darker so it will end up having a bit of a gradient effect..

I told Weng that I really liked the Ash tone he did for me previously and that I would like that color
for my entire head! Which also means.... Time for bleaching again!!!
However, I only bleached the roots since it was my new hair that needed some lightening
sooooooooo bleached them twice :)
After bleaching it was time to color the rest of my hair~

 As we all know, bleaching and coloring can be too harsh on the scalp so 
it's always good to get a treatment done after!
I was introduced to a Calming Scalp Treatment which was done before my actual treatment to calm  and soothe my scalp from any irritations that could have been inflicted from all the bleaching and dying. I was given a really deep and relaxing scalp massage which felt soooooooo good!!!

 and then comes the final treatment which is something I got to try for the first time,
Kerastase Kerathermie Treatment
This treatment is handpicked and put together by my hairstylist and mixed according to my hair type
It involves 6-steps and with it the treatment uses heat to ensure your hair absorbs all the nutrients from
the treatment to receive the best and upmost results :) 
slightly grumpy cos that day I spent a total of close to 7hours in the salon and I couldn't wait to 
see the final results of my hair. Wahahahahaha!
Oh... and 7hours because my hair is really really really thick and can take ages to go through lol.

After washing and blow-drying~~~ Tadah!!!
Nicely curled and styled by none other than Weng who never fails to make my hair look pretty
every time I step out of Salon Vim! I am truly thankful to have such a talented hairdresser to look 
after my hair and salvage it when.. I neglect it :/
I got my hair done at the Bugis outlet so that's where you'll find Weng! 
If you're keen on engaging him as your stylist, there is where you'll find him :) 
 Me with my new hair... and sorry I just had to cam-whore!

I love this shade of Ash-brown as not only does it look brown but it can look like other shades 
of brown.. sometimes olive/grey in certain light so it's really nice!!!
I could honestly live with this color forever~ Can't wait for my next visit :) 

If you're looking for a place to get your hair done, why not give give Salon Vim a visit?
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