February 18, 2014


Today.. Let's talk Fashion!
- Black peplum top c/o Hungover Sundays -
As we know all know, the world of Fashion is ever-changing and evolving- Fast.
Despite how teeny-weeny-tiny our country is compared to others, our country is BIG on fashion too!
If you pay careful attention while walking down Orchard Rd, you'll see how people dress themselves up in ways you wouldn't expect and some may even surprise you as they look really good!
But how does one get inspiration on Fashion? Well... online! ;)

Today I'll be introducing STYLESEARCH.SG to you!
StyleSearch is a new rewards-based fashion focused platform where you can always find and share real fashion worn by real people for real occasions.
Heard of Lookbook.nu? Well this is similar but here's the catch, STYLESEARCH.SG is like a Singaporean version with added functions and benefits that will be it an interesting experience for us!
STYLESEARCH.SG have collaborated with several brands and retailers locally on this platform so if you're lucky you can expect to win vouchers and giveaways just by uploading your #OOTDs ;)
Who doesn't love rewards? To be exact... SHOPPING rewards!!!

One thing I like about the platform is the clean and uncluttered interface. Upon signing up I realized with an interface like this it makes browsing very easy and enjoyable! 
Since the site is still running on beta, we're waiting for more features and functions to be up soon so users can have more interaction with the site! 

Upon signing in to my account, I was super hyped and excited to upload my looks hehe
The entire process is really simple and I was able to get it done really quickly!
Another thing about Stylesearch.sg is that you can tag where you got your items from.. which means while browsing and you see something you like that someone is wearing, you can shop their look and buy it instantly! So much convenience with just a few clicks!

Here I am uploading a look featuring a sweater c/o www.hungoversundays.com :)
Hungover Sundays is Sofie's online store so those who have yet to check it out do visit the site!
I've also posted another outfit on Stylesearch.sg featuring Hungover Sundays :)
Tagged Hungover Sundays at the side so you can shop the look with ease :)

Why not join me today and sign up for STYLESEARCH.SG as well!
I assure you it's going to be fun! I can't wait for the app to be launched so I can have 
StyleSearch on my phone ^^ At the mean time, I'll be uploading my looks on the platform as well
so do follow me once you've signed up k!!!

Do visit Stylesearch.sg today!!!