February 4, 2014


Over the weekends, I posted this picture on Instagram...
and I've had quite a few people asking me where I got this lovely romper from so here's your answer!!!

The Bold Dreamers tries to source globally and handpicks the most unique and stylish pieces which will stand out from other stores. They are also in the midst of manufacturing some of their designs will will be out soon so we all got to keep an eye for those upcoming designs :) 

Most of their designs are casual-chic and is great for everyone! I like how I can find so many other designs which I would wear from their site cos each piece is super versatile yet not too complicated for daily wear :) 

Aside from Instocks, The Bold Dreamers also has their very own Pre-orders for Bags and Shoes!
 I've already seen a few pairs of shoes that have caught my eye!!!
Pre-orders are open until the 9th Feb and your stocks will arrive on the 14th Feb!
(Just in time for valentine's day!!!!)
So in total it's only 5days of waiting which is really quick for a pre-order no???

For this post, I'm really thankful for this Floral Romper which I wore on my Second day of CNY
and I've had so many compliments on this piece :) 
 Besides the flattering fit of the romper, there's a little cut-out detailing on the chest area too!
direct link to the product here > FLORAL ROMPER / THE BOLD DREAMERS
Thank You so much for this lovely piece! 
Don't forget to check out The Bold Dreamers on their various social media sites as well:
Facebook Page: The Bold Dreamers
Instagram: @thebolddreamers

Do like their Facebook page as giveaways will commence in the next collection onwards, as well as join their mailing list to catch up with their latest updates! :) 

Wait no longer and head over to start shopping now!