March 4, 2014


 as the picture below suggests...
here's a short pictorial post on my visit to Au Chocolate last month!
I came by this place quite awhile back last year but I didn't get to dine in. I was doing a shoot for Tams at MBS and she told me they had really good desserts/cakes so we went to buy some~
She also told me about their truffle fries and how good they were lol that woman is such a foodie!!!
I googled for some of the top places in Singapore with Truffle fries cos the boy loves them and I wanted to bring him there to eat. Since MBS is near our workplace, I figured that we'd pay Au Chocolat a visit and at the same time check out Bath and Body Works!
The restaurant is decorated really nicely, it has a bit of parisian vibes.. 
Really quaint and nice, a great environment for dining :) 
To be honest, we hardly dine at restaurants LOL since I'm such a easy-food person I'm always
lazy to travel for food and I'd eat whatever that I like, nearest to me. Cheap and good works best!
Call me aunty la but I like eating at hawkers and coffee shop, the food there is always sooooo good!
 BUT BUT BUT J like truffle fries so I'mma take him to have truffle fries~

We ordered a main each and 2 drinks. His was the recommended Frozen Hot Chocolate,
I remember complaining that day on how I had just worked my ass off that morning and at that moment I was pigging out. What a waste of my efforts lolol.
However the drink was really yummy! Not to mention the generous amount of whipped cream (omg..)
If you love chocolate and whipped cream this drink is definitely your soulmate. Haha
 The loser at food strikes again!!! *points at self* 
I ordered this White Chocolate Banana Shake (or something) and regretted cos it looks so boring as compared to the Frozen Hot Chocolate. There wasn't much flavor to it as well and pretty much tasted like... banana milkshake. Not sure if the other drink took away the full flavor of my drink but I never got to finish even half of it. Meh.

 Next up was what we were anticipating.. TRUFFLE FRIES!!!
For SGD $15 they gave quite a generous amount, we ended up not finishing this btw lol
but as far as the truffle fries goes, they were yummy alright! Loved it!!!
One of the best truffle fries I've tasted in awhile :) 

Since Au Chocolat serves All day breakfast, no surprises to what I ordered that night.
Sorry to bore you guys with egg benedicts all the time but... I JUST CAN'T SAY NO TO EGGS.B
Not especially when I have the choice of picking it from a menu hehehehehe
However, the Eggs Benedict have disappointed me quite badly. It was not even.... nice -.-
Like I've tasted Eggs Benedicts which aren't fantastic but at least I can tell and see the effort that was put into make the dish but for THIS? Sorry honey, you have failed my taste buds.
The Coffee Bean and Bistro located at B1 in MBS
 serves way better Egg Benedicts, that I can assure you~

The boy ordered Seafood Pasta. Can't remember the exact name of the dish tho...
I don't think it sucked but I think it was pretty okay, J said it was okay too so I guess it worked.

Overall I would say Au Chocolat was so-so? I wouldn't come back to dine again that's for sure haha
I think they faired better in the Dessert/Confectionary department. I won't deny that their cakes are nice, same goes for the macaroons! But food wise, nah-uh~
Pricing wise it wasn't cheap as well (for the quality of food we got..) so I'd say it wasn't worth the $!
Nevertheless, the truffle fries made up for it! I mean... that was our whole point for visiting anyway ;D

Au Chocolat
2 Bayfront Avenue, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands,
#01-03 , 66887227