March 1, 2014


Oh how time flies.. it was just about a week ago when I was in Hong Kong, and now I'm back
in superbloodyhot SG resuming normal and everyday work life~
There's been a few requests lately after I came back to blog about Hong Kong asap cos it seems like  quite large number of people are heading to Hong Kong lately. I wouldn't call this post a guide to HK or whatsoever but more of just a visual travelogue of where I went etc. Hopefully you guys can pick a
tip or 2 from the post! Other than that, feel free to browse and enjoy the rest of the post hehe :) 
So we flew to Hong Kong via Scoot! Got the tickets early last year when Scoot was having a sale
and we paid about $170 each. DAMN CHEAP BWAHAAHAHA, it's even cheaper than some of
my tickets to Bangkok pls!!! Thank god for sale flights hehehehehehehe
However, with Sale flights comes 'sale timings' We flew at a really odd hour, 0150AM to be exact
and it took us about 3hour-ish/4 to reach HKG and when we were there it was the wee hours of the morning so we had nothing to do. Meh!!!

We took the express train into Hong Kong and then a cab to our hotel. We booked
Mini Hotel- Central which was located somewhere within Lan Kwai Fong.
I really like the location of the hotel as it's located within the prime area of Hong Kong Island and there's 7-11, Sasa... and shops around so it's really convenient!
Since we reached at about 6ish am we couldn't check in. Sucks cos we were all so sleep deprived!!!
All I wanted to do then was get a room and dive into bed :(
Went to a nearby 24hour cafeteria which was serving breakfast by then!

As it was drizzling and the weather was about 7-8degrees, we were literally FREEZING!!!
Ok not everyone but I WAS! Especially when I'm sleep deprived my body's resistance to cold is super weak so I was silently crying within from the cold (BOOOOOO)
Hot food to warm the body~

We killed time cafe hopping, I drank hot drinks wherever they served them lol. Shortly after we managed to get a room where we freshened up and I added on more layers of clothing cos we were heading to Ocean Park!

Initially I packed my outfits according to days/occasions and can you imagine I actually packed shorts for Ocean Park!??!?! I think if I wore shorts that day I will get hypothermia and die. WAHAHAHAH
I ended up layering myself with 5 layers of clothing + Jackson offered me his jacket which makes 6 in the end. Still act one hero bring shorts (wtf was I thinking hahahahaha)
To add to (my) torture it was 7 Degrees + drizzling + wind.... oh my......... tian.
No wonder I fell sick after (still sick now -.-)
For those who haven't been to Ocean Park basically it's a very huge and popular theme park in HK.
Unless you're aged 12 and below, I would highly recommend Ocean Park over Disneyland
(that's if you're thinking of heading to any theme parks in HK)
It's relatively easy to get there you can google the instructions!
Since I've been to Ocean Park before, nothing really surprised me there. It was J's first time to HK tho so I just hao-lian my experiences there with him the whole time. Ha ha ha h ah ah ahaha aha ah a ha

It was my first time in the aquarium tho! I super love visiting aquariums with HUGE displays!!!

Especially if they have large viewing tanks which houses sharks and stingrays!!! I love watching them
*especially sting rays and I could watch them forever! Such beautiful and graceful creatures.
I hate the fact that people are still killing sharks and eating them cos it's just too cruel with the way they're being killed, AHHHHHH. STOP EATING SHARK FINSSSSSS!!! STOP STOP STOP!
That applies to you too Jackson Chia!!! :(

This part of Ocean Park was new to me too! They renovated over the years and made this place look like Hong Kong many many years back! Really cool cos the shops here are fully functional and sells food and snacks! A great place for taking pictures! :)

I didn't take any more photos after that cos my hands were too cold to be reaching in and out of my bag. We enjoyed the rest of Ocean Park and I managed to take the new ride as well!!! I remember the last time I was there the new Roller Coaster was under construction and I'm glad I got to ride it this time! After taking all the rides my face and hands were so numb....... I couldn't take it anymore I was secretly begging to go back to the hotel hahahahahahahahahaha. I suck la. I know.

After Ocean Park we went back to our hotel to check in, followed by a quick meal near out hotel!
There was a restaurant which was famous for goose meat but I heard there was another eatery nearby which serves goose meat equally as well as the restuarant! So we went for the latter :)
I don't know how to eat/never tried goose meat so I opted for (below:)
it's freaking overpriced ah... everything in Hong Kong is so expensive!!!
This plate of rice costed me about SG$13!!!!!!!!!!!!! *faint*
If you ever want to try yummy but expensive Goose meat + Roast Pork:
Yat Lok Restaurant
G/F 34-38 Stanley Street

It was about evening already so we spent our evening at Causeway Bay.
I didn't get to shop much except get some beauty stuff from Innisfree, it's cheaper there as compared to Singapore but I feel that apart from their beauty and skincare stuff.. everything else is the same price or more expensive over in Hong Kong zzz.

I woke up in Day #2 feeling much better after getting my sleep!
Thank god for sleep, I was up and bustling with energy to conquer my Day #2!

We explored Central for a bit, there's actually a lot of cafes and restaurants in Central!
Especially Hollywood Street and Old Bailey's Street, I actually picked up and found quite a lot of cafes via Foursquare. Never knew that app could have helped me so much in Hong Kong :D

After exploring for abit we found....

The legandary Egg Tarts from Tai Cheong Bakery which everyone raves about when they come to HK
Sophia told me that I couldn't miss this so I was glad we paid the bakery a visit!

Never understood the popularity of the egg tarts until I tried them and OMGGGGGGG
From the egg to the crust of the tart... omg............. too good to resist!!! NOMS
Don't forget to try them when you're in Hong Kong!!!
Tai Cheong Bakery
35 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, Hong Kong
Since the egg tarts were merely starters, we were on the hunt for our next place for Dim sum..
After searching HIGH and LOW and walking sooooo far we managed to find it!
Maxim Restaurant serves dimsum for breakfast and lunch till about 3PM before they're closed till 5PM

Initially I would expect really good dimsum since we walked so far to find this place.. however I felt that it was rather "okay" I didn't like the fact that they don't serve the usual porridge etc... and their custard bun wasn't yummy at all.

Nevertheless, the mango pudding made up for it! Their tau huey was nice as well, other than that I think i've tasted better Dim sum in Hong Kong AND Singapore as well. Haha
It wasn't very cheap as well tho... I can't remember exactly how much we paid in total but I felt that it wasn't worth it? Maybe the plus point would only be the decor and overall appearance of the place?
The restaurant was very elaborately decorated with elegance and gave a really posh dining experience~
Maxim's Palace Chinese Restaurant
3/F, City Hall, 5-7 Edinburgh Place, Central

Explored the area around City Hall before heading to Mongkok for some shopping!!! (FINALLY)

Obviously when one is busy shopping, no pictures were taken. Bwahahhahahaha
In Mongkok there's a few streets which are popular for shopping
 mainly Nathan Rd, Argyle St, Tung Choi St, Fa Yuen Street
These streets are linked to one another and just by getting off the MTR you can walk and walk and walk 2-3 stops away!

Took a break halfway whilst shopping in Mongkok for dessert! J was making a decision on whether to buy this pair of shoes which he wanted for the longest time but couldn't find anywhere online until he came to Hong Kong. Every shop had it.. IN HIS SIZE hahahahahahahahahaahahha
Downside was it wasn't exactly cheap...
but eventually he got it in the end *shrugs*

I didn't buy much except for a few more products from Innisfree (AGAIN) haahahhaahahaha
I'm on this Innisfree craze now and with the prices cheaper in HK I couldn't say no?? Plus everything else was too expensive and not worth spending on. I figured investing on beauty products would be better :D
In the evening we headed to Temple Street for dinner!
The entire street was lined with eateries with tables set up outside the shops and on the streets as well
Quite cool as the weather was perfect for outdoor seating as well so you see the entire street lined
up with people having their dinner outdoors! In between you'll find roadside stalls selling souvenirs and novelties too. Something like a night market....... but expensive night market. LOL
We settled with a stall selling Claypot Rice!
Aside from Claypot rice we ordered a variety of side dishes as well.
However since I wasn't as adventurous I didn't try everything, but according to the rest the food wasn't
nice and it was just..... MEH. Oh well~~~

I enjoyed the calamari tho! It's hard to ever go wrong with fried calamari! Hehe ^^
That's about it for my first 2 days in Hong Kong! I'm still in the process of sorting out visuals from the other days so do keep a lookout for my next post :)
I've tried to include as much information as possible in the post just in case you guys have questions!
Thank You for reading!