March 12, 2014


So... time for the second part of my Hong Kong trip! 
For those who've been asking me recommend places to shop and visit I pretty much went around the
same places for the whole trip since I've been to Hong Kong a couple of times already and there really
wasn't much for me to do or buy... basically I went there to bask in the weather lol! 
Started the day with an #OOTD, Top is c/o The Friday Best! Stay tuned for their ad coming up :) 

We began our third day in HK with breakfast!!! Since tons of people have been raving to me about this eatery called Australian Dairy, we decided to check it out~ Australian Dairy is located in Jordan,
you can get there via the MTR which takes you there really quickly, not to mention it's super near the station as well :) 

Had to queue cos apparently this place is #FOREVERBUSY .. I can't believe the amount of people that will queue to eat this. It's unbelievable..

Caught a glimpse of this and I knew I had to have it... MILK PUDDING!!! *drools*

If you think I was kidding about the queue.. nope, I'm not. 

After we were ushered to our tables (which was super small.. I felt squashed against the wall)
we had to hurry order so they could send us our order. The whole shop was like a factory, tons of people, tons of staff...... everyone had to hurry order, hurry eat and hurry leave in order to make space
for the people waiting outside -_- It was honestly very hard to enjoy my meal tho.. I felt so stressed!!!
so basically, Australian Dairy is famous for this.... I think hahah. It's their macaroni!
I won't say it's super fantastic to the point where people had to queue for so long but the taste was
definitely different from the usual macaroni soup I used to have. Although I find that the soup was slightly oilier as well.... I got a hunch this bowl is also slightly more unhealthier than the usual you will get elsewhere, haha. Nevertheless, it was worth trying! 
The Milk pudding on the other hand.... NOMSSSSSSSS.
It was so so so soooo good!!! I loved it so much! It was quite a waste since I decided to have it after my meal so I couldn't finish the entire bowl by myself~ But if you ever visit Australian Dairy you have
Australian Dairy and Co. | 澳洲牛奶公司
G/F, 47-49 Parkes Street, Jordan
Closed on Thursdays.

I kinda forgot where we went after that but I'm sure it was more window shopping for me.. Haha
If my memory hasn't failed me it was Causeway Bay and Tsim Sha Tsui mostly, and as usual
I didn't buy anything except for snacking on street snacks lol.

Chanced upon a random eatery in Causeway Bay for dinner...
had another bowl of overpriced food. However the one served at this place sucked....
I don't even bother taking note of the address wahahahahaa
it probably just looked visually appetizing :)

The next day (fourth day) was considered our last day! 
I decided to pay The Flying Pan a visit for all day breakfast :D
Funny how I managed to find this place was that I woke up in the middle of the night before- hungry.
Therefore I decided to browse foursquare to see what was available to eat nearby and I saw this!
I decided not to risk walking there myself in the middle of the night so I planned to have it when I woke up~ Thank god it was only about a 10min walk away from where my hotel was :) 

Wheeeee, so so so hungry for some eggs :B
I was quite surprised when I stepped in as most of the people there were expats/ABCs!

My usual (above) with tomato soup and fresh fruits as sides  and J's american breakfast!
I LOVEEEEEEEEEE THE EGGS BENEDICT! Not only it was yummy the soup was so good as well
Sigh, as I'm typing this I honestly miss this dish already :( 

After breakfast I brought J to Wong Tai Sin Temple to pray, this is something that I do whenever I'm in Hong Kong! After praying we went to Mongkok to resume (window) shopping.
I think by then we were super bored of Hong Kong already... so crowded... yet nothing to buy lol
The only thing we truly enjoyed was the weather~

My #OOTD courtesy of Maison De Posh :) 

One thing I hated about HKG was the crowd during the peak hour, it was sooooo bad!!! Omg.
No difference from Singapore zzzz
Since it was so packed and crowded everywhere we decided to go back to the hotel to rest for a few hours before heading out for dinner! Since it was the last night and we were all so lazy to travel, we decided to have dinner at a Pizza bar nearby,
This pizza bar was serving GIANT SIZED PIZZAs!!!
 it full of cheese..... omg the thought of it now makes me sick lol
It's really ALOT ALOT ALOT of cheese and it's really big wahahahahahahaha
I used my phone as a comparison, I think it was twice the size of my phone... 
The angle of this picture does it no justice tho. hahahah my first time eating such a huge slice of pizza!
Garlic bread attacked by the Cheese army (below)

Walked around our hotel for a bit and bought some last minute stuff at SASA before heading back to
pack and sleep! Our flight was in the morning at 6ish am which meant we had to wake up and check out at 3+AM. What an ungodly hour.....

And yes.... that was the end of our Hong Kong trip!
Highly doubt I'll be heading back soon since the boy hates HK after his first time there and I don't really think it's worth going back too haha. Honestly I'd rather use the money to visit Tokyo hehe
Nevertheless, I hope you enjoyed the post :)

Don't forget to stay closely tuned to my blog, I have a serious of posts + more coming up!
Not forgetting my next and upcoming trip this Sunday *winks*
Yes I'll be flying again this weekend!!! More details to be up soon :)