March 16, 2014


Surprise surprise! The day that I've been waiting for has arrived!!! 
As amazing as it may seem, I can't believe that the opportunity I've been looking for came knocking on my door and after much planning and consideration, it's here!!!
What exactly am I getting at... well I'll be flying off to Korea tonight for.....Plastic surgery!

so before you go... WHAT!??!!??!? SURGERY? WHY?
I'm sure more than a handful of you reading this will have questions like these running in your head and before you bombard me with questions and telling me that I shouldn't get anything done,
Please please pleaseeee know that I've thought this through for the longest time, 
wayyyyyyyyyyy before I made my decision to go to Korea. 
With that aside, I'm not succumbing to pressure from people around me or whatsoever to do this. 
This is an idea which I've had years ago and I'm only going to act upon it now that I'm older :)

I know by doing this there's bound to be tons of comments telling me that I shouldn't do this,
I shouldn't do that, I should do this, I should do that... and trust me I know what is it you're thinking
already. Based on experiences I've seen how it gets when someone announces that they'll be undergoing surgery, I can pretty much picture the response I'm going to receive.
But nevertheless, at the end of the day it's my decision to make and I've chosen this path!
More into detail of what procedures I'm looking to get done in my next few posts :)

I picked Korea as it has the highest rate of people who have undergone Plastic Surgery there as compared to other countries in Asia, hence many of their surgeons has the skills and experience on performing these procedures. I've done tons of research and reading online and it seems like there's actually quite a handful of Singaporean who has gone to Korea to get PS done as well.
I'm not talking about the bloggers but people whom I've seen share their experiences on local forums!
Based on their experiences, it seems like Korea is indeed the best place in Asia to go to hence.. 
Korea it it is!

Despite spending an average of 5-6 hours a day with my eyes glued to forums and articles online, I realized many people who've actually gone to Korea to get PS + recovered, they don't post pictures of their faces to share their process visually... Most of them stated that they would prefer to keep their identity a secret as they didn't want people knowing that they have had something done to their faces. For eager people like me who're looking to get surgery done in Korea, we have to go through the lists of clinics (there are over 600 PS clinics in Korea) , look up their websites which are mostly in Korean..
With the language barrier in between it can get pretty hard to gather all the information without help!
To get a translator, there's a fee to pay.. and sometimes with a translator they might not help entirely with the negotiating of your surgery fees etc. and you end up paying more?  
(all these I've learnt from reading forums)
Hence, all the preparations and research for surgery in Korea might not be as easy as said!

I myself, have had my own struggles whilst preparing for this day. Like I said I've spent so much time reading all these experiences online, however it was still very hard to come to a conclusion to the list of hospitals which I felt were good/suitable for me... 

so I searched high and low until I was introduced to this company which saved me all the trouble,
 sent them an email addressing my concerns and they did the rest of the work for me! :D
They've been so diligent in helping me over from Korea and I couldn't be more thankful for their help. To be exact it took us, 5 months of planning/discussion and preparation 
(duration of planning varies with individual)
before I finally booked my tickets and now I'm a step closer to my dream :) 
For this journey, I'll be documenting each and every step of it on my blog, 
 as detailed as possible to provide as much information as possible on PS in Korea so if individuals who're curious and are thinking of heading to Korea to get PS done, you can take a step in my shoes to find out how, and perhaps one day it will be your turn to fly over too!

*Disclaimer: I'am not encouraging Plastic Surgery nor am I dismissing the idea of it. 
I just want to put it out there for people to read and refer to my experience, and if they're intending to do the same at least
my blog+documentation can serve as a 'guide' for the curious minds and hopefully make their planning
a whole lot easier in future*

Who is the company that helped me with the planning of my trip to Korea?
What is it that I would like to get done on my face and why...?
More in my next post tomorrow!!!