March 18, 2014


I'm guessing you guys have read Part #1 of this post and learnt that I'll be 
in Korea to get Plastic Surgery done :)

As mentioned, I'll be documenting my entire trip on my blog and various social media platforms
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This is part #2 of my documentation which led to the big day and decision...
Since I promised to blog in detail and AS DETAILED as possible, my upcoming posts are due to be
rather lengthy and wordy so do bear with me. I don't want to miss out on any important points!!! 

so let's start off from where I left off... Researching and looking for a clinic/hospital.
Finding a hospital or a clinic in Korea for me was super hard since I didn't understand Korean. 
Not to mention the hundreds of clinics they had.. it got to a point where I was so confused with the terms and procedure names and I don't know which is which and how to differentiate them.. :( 
It wasn't easy until I was introduced to DOCFINDERKOREA.COM! is a medical tourism company accredited by the Korean Government. 
Basically what DOCFINDERKOREA does is that they provide their services to people who're looking at undergoing medical services in Seoul, Korea. Aside from cosmetic surgeries, DOCFINDERKOREA does extend their services to several other medical treatment areas in Korea as well!
(such as.. Plastic Surgery, Dermatology, Dentistry, Cardiology, Urology etc..)

After learning about DOCFINDERKOREA.COM, I sent them an email along with my details,
where I was from and what I would like them to help me with.
So along with my documents, I sent them a picture and write up of the issues I have and would like to fix! Here's a rough picture of what I would like to have worked on:
1. Eyelids
Yes I do have double eyelids, but certain times of the day they tend to get really uneven and especially when I'm tired, I have triple lids on one side and double on the other. This makes wearing eye make up really inconvenient which is why I hardly do so on a daily basis. Correcting this also means I can finally ditch eyelid stickers and have permanent double eyelids!!!!
I am also thinking of cutting the end of my eyes to make it just slightly longer so that it doesn't look too small on my face. As I have a wide zygoma, my eyes look awfully small when I don't use eye make up! Hence if you realized whenever I have eye make up on, I will extend the wing of my eyeliner to give an illusion of a long eye ;) 

2. Wide Zygoma
Throughout these years I've been struggling with a 'broad' face. My friends close to me would have heard me complain about this probably like 10000x cos I really do not like the bone structure of my face. I like the look of my zygoma from the side but not the front, from the front it just looks really wide and I'm looking to see if I can fix that. I would prefer a more feminine look.

3. Chin/Jaw
As I have fillers now, I would like to permanently get a chin implant so I can wave bye-bye to my fillers! Also... adding to the masculinity of my face is my jaw, I've managed to soften the edges of my jaw with botox so far but I'm looking to consult if it's my jaw structure or my muscles..

As these are just based on my own diagnosis and some of the issues I've been hating on my face since as long as I can remember, it is not confirmed of what are the procedures that I'll be undergoing until I see my doctor so I'm really looking forward to that!!!

Shortly after I received an email from Dr Shin Park from DOCFINDERKOREA.COM
"Dear Donna, 
Thank you for your interest in DocfinderKorea. 
My name is Shin Park in charge of coordination. 
I have forwarded your request to several plastic surgery clinics and I will send 
you the consultation results as soon as I get them. It may take several days to get the answers. 
Thank you for including your pictures; this will be helpful in receiving a more accurate diagnosis. 
Eyelid surgery and face contouring is a standard procedure which is carried out routinely in Seoul. 
Therefore there are many excellent clinics offering it and we have a wide range of clinics to choose from. Don't worry about the surgery and the service and your planned stay in Korea. 
We will assist you in making your trip to Korea an enjoyable and unforgettable one. 
Thank you and with best regards, 
Mr. Shin Park"

I was surprised as it all seemed really easy and quick, haha. After acknowledging that I've received the email, I felt slightly assured and less stressed since I'll be leaving all the sourcing to them!
Was crossing my fingers and hoping for the best!!!

Several email exchanges later, I was presented with 2 clinics namely Wonjin and Izien.
How these hospitals were filtered out of the hundreds were based on my pictures and request to
what kind of procedures I would like to have done, DOCFINDERKOREA sources from their partner hospitals to the various clinics which specializes in performing those procedures. 

Out of the options which I was given, I had 2 choices which were
Fly to Korea and visit these 2 clinics and look at them, before choosing or choosing a 
 before coming here and then visiting the clinic and to proceed with consultation!
After going through the diverse information of surgeries, and references for both clinics,
I decided that I would take my pick with IZIEN

Why was Izien recommended? Due to their 14 year long history in Plastic Surgery history!
Formally started out as Lee Jong-Hee Cosmetic Surgery Center” in 2000 as
the plastic surgery mecca of Korea, it is being renamed to “Zumm Cosmetic Surgery”, 
the center eventually grew into a hospital sized “Izien Cosmetic Surgery Hospital”

I also liked that it was a hospital rather than a clinic which MAY have low facility safety level due to loose government regulations and facility standards as compared to a hospital is required to comply with accessibility guidelines and to be equipped with safety facilities such as emergency power system, ambulances, and inpatient rooms. Hence Izien Cosmetic Surgery Hospital, is said to be equipped with facilities of hospital standards, provides treatments, services, and operations in highly safe environment by veteran surgeons with the best techniques. 
Additionally, as the elite hospitals tend not to use advertising techniques such as emphasized before and after pictures or other promotional propaganda. Izien also believes in techniques and superior performance rather than in extensive promotions of the clinic. 
Sounds like a safe choice for me!!! :D
I took a slightly longer time to plan for my trip since I had work and with Select newly opened I figured that March would be a safer month for me to plan the trip ++ winter season in Korea!!!
After confirmation with DOCFINDERKOREA , I am finally ready to fly over~

DOCFINDERKOREA helped me work out a rough schedule of my trip and planned the necessary 
meetings and consultation with Izien. I proceeded to book my air tickets to Korea for the 16th via Korean Air. Since I wasn't familiar with the places to stay in Korea, DOCFINDERKOREA has helped me with accommodation as well! As they've been working along with various hotels and residences, you can expect extra benefits such as special prices for their patients! 
A list of accommodation will be sent to you along with their info and rates so you can pick from them
For my trip I'll be staying at M Sky Residences :) All the necessary and booking was done for me upon confirmation by DOCFINDERKOREA as well.
All I had to do was look at the pictures of the place and anticipate my stay there!
 I love how it's cosy and has all the facilities that would definitely help me throughout the trip!!! 
Super excited to arrive already!!!

After engaging the services of DOCFINDERKOREA, everything has been made easier!!!
All I had to do was book the tickets and everything else is settled :) 

Now all I have to do is pack and prepare all the necessities for my trip!

The biggest benefit is that all services are free of charge. As DOCFINDERKOREA works closely with their partner hospitals, while providing them patients, they are paid with a commission,
hence it's a win-win relationship. 
However, their commission is not added to the patient's fee, therefore for their patients it costs the same whether or not they come to Korea by themselves or through DOCFINDERKOREA. 

DOCFINDERKOREA also provides services to their clients, such as pick up from/to airport, hotel reservation, interpretation, negotiation with the hospital, booking hospital appointments, offering medical information, chauffeur to/ from all hospital appointments at no additional charge. 
Additional fees will only be charged for non-medical services, such as city-tours.

The second benefit is that they are determined to find the best hospital for their patients. 
Since they have a business partnership with general hospitals, specialized hospitals
and specialized clinics that are leading in their fields. This offers their patients a wide broad of 
hospital choices and to reduce the possibility of incidents. They source for and introduce hospitals
according to the treatment, price and service for the patient. 

The third benefit they can offer is convenience, comfort and a timesaving schedule. 
Patients don't need to worry about anything during their medical tour as their biggest merit is that our service is customer-oriented. That means that they don’t choose anything but just show you all information you need and give the best advice. The choices to be made concerning your medical trip to and in Korea are completely yours!
Phewwwww that was a mouthful hehe, I hope this post has helped you gain a little insight of how
I managed to plan and schedule everything with the help of DOCFINDERKOREA :)

*UPDATE (18th Mar'14)
Second day in Korea now! Yesterday was mad hectic!!! Arrived at 5ish am here, Mr Shin Park
from DOCFINDERKOREA came to pick Denise and I up from the airport to send up to drop our luggages off at our residence hotel! Stuck in a jam for 1.5hours due to the morning rush hour :( 

After dropping off our bags we went from breakfast nearby before heading to IZIEN Hospital
for a pre-consultation as well as some body tests... took me about 4 hours or so before heading back to the hotel to crash cos I was SO SO tired I wasn't even kidding. Too tired that I caught a fever zzz

Woke up today feeling better, I'm heading off to surgery in about 2 hours or so..
not sure how to feel. Scared yet excited? Kinda dreading the after process where I swell like a ball!!!
Nevertheless, wish me luck ok? Will be back with more updates in a few days xxx
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