March 24, 2014


Helloh, so I'm a week into Seoul and can I say that I'm loving it here!?!?
The weather, the food, the shopping, the environment... EVERYTHING!!!

As you guys know from my prev postings + Instagram postings (@ponyyzz) that I have just got surgery done, I'm taking these 2 weeks to rest and recuperate in Korea. As I've got my best travel buddy + caretaker from heaven Denise with me, shopping the streets of Seoul until we're pretty much broke is what we've been doing all week!!! HAHA
Here are some visuals of what we've been up to this week, as usual I'll try to include as much details as 
possible :>

We decided to head to Dongdaemun to do some shopping! There are several malls in Dongdaemun
but the best to shop at are hello apM and Migliore cos it's similar to Platinum and you can find stuff
as cheap as 5000₩ and 10000₩!!!

 Since I was super conscious of how I looked ( I didn't want to scare anyone away hahahah)
I went out the first few days like this, Super big hat + shades/specs+ mask 
However I think the locals there knew I had some kind of surgery done but they ignored anyway,
quite a nice response cos you don't get them staring etc...
 We conquered both buildings relatively quickly and bought quite a handful of stuff,
I strictly limited myself to buying clothing that are only 10000₩ and below hahahahahahahaha
Unless it's jackets or whatsoever but for 10000₩ I was surprised I could get quite a number of clothing!
Super happy with my buys that day heheheheh~

Since I was still very 'raw' from surgery we didn't travel much that day so after Dongdaemun we slowly made our way back to our residence hotel (Morning Sky Residence)  

 Denise kept asking for a selfie and as much as I wanted to...........
Oh wait, where's my face hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
 For dinner that day Denise helped me to get takeaway, since I was living on milkshakes for the past 2 days I was craving proper food already. She managed to find some soup and got takeout for me!
 Yea yea, here's me sipping my soup really slowly.. However it wasn't that bad, I was happy I got to drink some warm soup + swallowed some fishcakes despite having difficulties to chew. 
Not bad I would say, super proud of myself hehe ;) 

As our residence hotel didn't have space to accommodate us for a night, we had to temporary move to someplace that night, ZZZ. But thankfully Mr Shin from DOCFINDERKOREA.COM got everything arranged for us so he helped us book a hotel for the night at Gangnam (cos we wanted to shop at Gangnam that day) and he picked up and drove us there in the morning :) 

Before checking in to our hotel, he drove us to Garosu-Gil in Gangnam
basically it's a street lined with quaint shops and little cafes which is sooooo pretty!!!
Honestly I did not expect to find such a pretty place in Seoul cos it didn't look a bit like Korea at all!
There was a giant F21 which we shopped at before taking a long stroll down the street
just feasting our eyes with the surroundings!

 Definitely one place you have got to check out when in Seoul! 

After that we checked into our hotel in Gangnam for the night, Hotel Seattle
 the room was pretty small.. and cosy but since it was a normal hotel it didn't have some of the facilities that Morning Sky has. But nevertheless, it makes up for a really good hotel and not to mention the location is really good too!!!

Hotel Seattle is just about a 5-10 mins walk away from Gangnam Station which has a huge underground shopping complex with little shops as well and the best part is.....
10000₩ CLOTHING!!!

Bwahahahahaha, needless to say we spent our entire day there raiding the racks and shopping
till my heart exploded. LOLOL
After all that shopping we decided to take a break at Baskin Robbins (my best friend in Korea)
since ice cream was one the few things I could conveniently eat..... I decided to have ice cream!

Erm, yea another selfie with my..... expressionless face. #mybandagedselfiesgottostop

For dinner we walked to a restaurant near our hotel...There were tons of restaurants and pubs around our hotel which made the surrounding really lively at night! We passed by this really humble and homely looking restaurant with 0 customers and decided to eat there. Hahahahahaha
 Here's what we ordered. Dumpling soup for me and a salad-looking-bibimbap-noodle-version-dish....
HAHAHAHA sorry we don't know the exact name of the dish :S
 I was SOOOO HAPPY the lady added eggs inside cos I was dying inside and craving for eggs so badly!!! Also there were thinly sliced rice cakes which I could easily sip in along with the soup and 
chew slowly and swallow. Despite taking a longer time to eat... I was glad I managed to finish my first
official meal in 5 days OMG.
After dinner we took a short walk around our hotel before retiring for the day!
The weather so far has been about... 7-15 degrees with it being colder at night so it was nice and cool
to walk about and night after drinking some hot soup :) 

Checked out from Hotel Seattle the next morning since we were going back to M Sky Residence YAY!
Mr Shin (DOCFINDERKOREA.COM) said he would accompany us the entire day and bring us to 
places that we wanted to visit that day! 
 Since Denise was craving for some Bulgogi, Mr Shin brought us to a restaurant in Gangnam which has one of the best bulgogis in the area! Since I don't eat beef.... I wasn't missing out on much hahahahaha
 Oh looky, here's what I had!!! *points below*
 Bwahahahahaha, I had this with some steamed egg. But no complaints!!! 
With eggs, anything is possible :D

 I'm sure Denise enjoyed her meal, I even surveyed her "is the beef good? quality beef? nice?"
and she said yes so...... I guess it's good then! Hahahahaha my steamed eggs were awesome too btw lol
And yea, the name of the restaurant if you're thinking of going...

Next up we suggested heading to Myeong-Dong, another one of the famous shopping streets!
Mr Shin drove us there and upon reaching I was SHOCKED cos it was so packed!?!??!? OMG.
 I'm guessing that probably it's because it was a weekend as well hence the crowd but wow...
it was too crowded for me tho.

Ice cream again! Shared this ridiculously high ice-cream yogurt thing with Denise haha
I can't believe the queue for this is so long.... and I can't believe we queued #touristmode #kiasu

 Pic.1: Denise: Selfie selfie!!! Me: Ah!? Again ah...
Pic.2: Denise: Hahahahahah (probably laughing at my swollen face) Me: Meh....
 Yea this woman will look at me and suddenly burst out laughing because of my face. Hahahahaha
My chin area is still pretty swollen so it makes my lips look small..... I just look weird and cute la right

We did most of our cosmetic and skincare shopping in Myeong-Dong but didn't walk long before we decided to leave. It was way way way tooooo packed for my liking, lol!

Since we had no idea where else to go after that, Mr Shin drove us to another area to check out!
We found ourselves at Ewha Woman's University station area where there were tons of shops
to shop at too. We only walked around for 30mins before heading to dinner so we didn't get to see much but we planned to return the next day!!!

We had dinner nearby at Sinchon area, dinner that night was stew soup!!! 

 I had Ham and Cheese Tofu soup with rice, thank god it was soup again so I can easily slurp it down~
Although it was a little spicy, I found the taste overall very interesting and quite nice!
It was yet another successful meal for me by Day 4 and soooo happy that I can eat again hehe 

Wahahahahahaa, me and my Baskin Robbins again after dinner!

#sorrynotsorry Ice cream is now one of my daily essentials here. Wahahaha
 Me and Mr Shin Park (DOCFINDERKOREA.COM) who is also our lovely host in Seoul!
Thank you for the day trip and taking us around ^^

 After dinner, Mr Shin took us to Hongdae Street where it was bustling with people and activities!
There were tons of clubs and pubs that lined the streets + since it was a Saturday night you can guess 
what the atmosphere was like there. Lots of people.... beer.... drunks.... happy people.... weird people..
It was such a sight. Denise and I were sooo tempted to step inside the clubs just to see what it was like
but I can't drink so, SIGHPIES :(
 Chanced upon this sign while walking... ERM!?!? Hahahaaahahaahhahaha

and check out the prices of the alcohol!!! SO DAMN CHEAP OMG. Can get drunk till 2015!!!

 While walking I stumbled upon this cotton candy store and this dog whom belonged to the owner.
It is SO HUGE!!! LOOK AT IT!!! Super cute as well omgggg *squeals*
I miss my Bijou just by looking at it :( But I felt quite sad for it tho since it's always being tied up
to the store while it's open :/
That night I was quite surprised we stayed out till sooo late! I think it was the latest for us in a week lol
Reached the hotel at about 12AM hahahah and that was our Saturday night for us~

Day 5, I woke up feeling like a million dollars. Not sure why but the moment I woke up I knew I felt
way way way better than I ever did as compared to the past few days!!! Super happy! It was such a great feeling :)

Since we didn't get to explore much of Ewha's Womans Uni. the prev evening, we decided to come back! Before exploring we stopped by this really cute eatery in a random alley to have our brunch!
 What's on the menu:

 Wheeeee, aside from the bruising on my lids and some swell on my jawline I feel that
I'm actually looking so much better as compared to the previous days. At least I don't have to hide as much already! I still wore a mask tho... but I ditched the big hat! Wahahahah

What we had:
 it was a mixture of noodles, dumplings, rice cakes, egg, cheese and vegetables all in one!
no wonder it's called a fusion hahahaha. but the taste in a whole wasn't that bad, I actually did like it!!!
 HOHOHO starting to get really adventurous with my meals ya??

After eating we decided to explore the grounds of Ewha Womans University
 and OH MY G. we were totally blown away by the surroundings of the campus!!!

 I swear it didn't look like just a university in Korea... it was so picturesque and too pretty!!! 
 #attemptedasmile #okaynotbadhaha

 #OOTD was sponsored by WWW.PENDICULAR.COM
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 The school ground reminded me of Hogwarts LOL I think it's the stone walls...
 It felt like a very old english town.. Like I wasn't in any part of a school at all. Ahhhhh love the place!
I can imagine the students must feel super glad to have such a lovely place to study in~

After visiting the campus we walked to the streets just outside the school where they were lined
with lots of cafes and shops. One thing I realized is that there are so many cafes in Seoul!
And every cafe is so nicely decorated that you'd just want to visit all of them!!!
 We did a little more shopping before taking a break at a Churros Cafe!

some churros and ice cream (again) for me!!! I swear I've been having ice cream almost everyday here,
people say with my diet I will lose weight.... I think NOT. LOL
With all the ice cream and milk shakes.... hmmmmmm.... Hahahahahahahahahahahaha
Okay so I'mma end my post abruptly here, will be heading out in a bit so I'll update again when I
get back hehe. Nevertheless, I hope you've enjoyed the post so far hehe >.<
For more updates you can follow me on Instagram (@ponyyzz) where I'll update on the go and...
more visuals to be up in this space soon!!!

Do keep a lookout hehe x