March 6, 2014


I've been waiting anxiously to have this post up and finally I can share it with you guys!
Starting this year, I've been referred to - Trinity Medical Group and am glad to have them attend to all my skin, aesthetics and medical concerns :) 
Aside from dealing with aesthetics, they work as a medical clinic as well so basically
everything is under one roof! 
 I paid my first visit to Trinity Medical Centre (Marine Parade) about a month ago for my first consultation with Dr. Kan. I'm so glad that the clinic is located in the East/Marine Parade,
for those who didn't know I used to stay there and I LOVE Marine Parade! 
Feels great to have all the more reasons to go back :)

The clinic is located directly opposite Parkway, Second level and next to ANZ bank.
It's hard not to notice as it's quite big and takes up almost half of the second floor. Haha 
Upon entering I did the usual registration/paperwork etc. 

- Consultation -
I had my first consultation with Dr Kan where I expressed all the concerns I had with my skin. 
Last year, I was breaking out so badly to the extent where I felt really crappy about myself and didn't feel like going out at all. It was really depressing!!! 
My skin got better towards the end of 2013. Tho it isn't entirely pretty nor flawless but it is WAY better! Now I'm left with tons of scars and uneven skin tone which I would like to have cleared up!

Additionally, since Dr Kan deals with aesthetic enhancements as well, I told her about how much I disliked my jaw and that if I wanted to fix it and make it smaller :)

Dr Kan scheduled for me to return for my next session to get laser and some facial recontouring done!
Was really looking forward to it as I really want a better/clearer complexion as well as a slimmer jaw :)
 However to prep my skin for my next laser treatment, it was suggested that I did the 
Basically, it is a non-invasive treatment to gently exfoliate your skin and deeply cleanse the pores
getting rid of dead skin and impurities. The solution used in the treatment is picked to suit your skin to obtain the best results. The AQUA ST TREATMENT is said to help with hyper pigmentation, acne, photo damage, dehydration, congestion, blackheads and fine line wrinkles.
 Wooooooo, exactly what I needed for my skin! 
The entire treatment took about 10-15mins and right after I could feel that my skin was much smoother~ I loved how it was so gentle yet it helps removes all the gunk from my face!
Of course to witness a significant improvement I had to go for a few sessions to notice a difference and right after that day I was already looking forward to my next session with Trinity! :)

- 3 weeks later -

So after 3 weeks it was my second visit to Trinity! My skin was looking really great all thanks to 
the weather in Hong Kong. How I wished it could stay like that forever :(  

My session started off with another round of the AQUA ST TREATMENT and as usual there
was 0 pain! Just a slight tug from the vacuum that is sucking out the impurities from my skin hehe
 Next up would be the Carbon Laser Peel Treatment
(apologies for the super unflattering image below)
so basically the Carbon Laser Peel works pretty much like how a laser would (think... bright beams)
What this laser does is that it resurfaces the skin to promote a smooth and glowing complexion.
It is also really helpful with treating enlarged pores WHICH I HATE!!! And have as well :( 
 What's good about this laser is that there is 0 downtime and 0 pain! Maybe just a little prickly on areas where I had a pimple/more clogged but really it's barely painful :) 

A few days later I did notice that my complexion has remained as 'well behaved' as before which is a good thing!!! Same with all lasers they would require more sessions (depending on your skin) to see a significant improvement and difference so I'm keeping my fingers crossed and hopes high that with a few more sessions I can get rid of my scars and have a brighter complexion! :) 
Next up on the same session, it was time to achieve a slimmer face!!!
Since it wasn't time for my to get surgery done, I could opt for another method which can help me achieve a slimmer face, that solution is with Dysport!
Dysport (aka) Botulium Toxin A
 For those who didn't know, I first experimented with botox last year. I hated my masculine jawline/face and I kept complaining about it to Tammy, I told her much I wanted to shave and correct my jaw and she suggested that I tried something less invasive first to see if it worked.
And to my amazement it did!!!
It actually helped my face to look slimmer to quite a huge extent! If you notice my pictures from before as compared to last year my face looks slighly more V now (+ the help of fillers) 
 What Dysport does is that after being injected into your muscle, it helps to relax your muscles which helps make it smaller. However it is only temporary and can last for about 4-6months depending on the individual. Mine wore off just at the right time and it's time for a top up! :) 
As Dysport takes about 2 weeks to a month to take effect, I won't be able to see the difference immediately so what I do is take many pictures of myself everyday and slowly I'll be able to see the difference! It works a little like losing weight, everyday your face gets smaller and smaller and
soon you'll realize that you have a smaller + sharper face!!! 
I am super satisfied with all the treatments done by Trinity so far, am looking forward to my next appointment + follow up! I'm really trying my best to save my skin this year and crossing my fingers that I'll be able to solve my pimple + scarring problem soon :) 
I've gotten several emails and comments on how to solve them and hopefully with the help of
Trinity I will find the answer and you all will be able to head over and start your treatments with them!
Do keep up with my posts and I'll update you guys on my new journey with Trinity Medical Centre :)

87 Marine Parade Central, #02-500A, Singapore 440087