April 27, 2014


So here's a post that many of you have been anticipating... it's about my recent trip to Seoul to get
Plastic Surgery!

For those who're new to this space OR... haven't visited my site for a long time, I have blogged about this in a few posts back, most these posts were how the entire trip was planned and how it all came about to this day so if you haven't read that, you can find those posts here:



Today's post will be more into detail of the surgery process so pardon me if it gets wordy,
I just want to make sure that I get every single detail right :) 
Before you go into detail with the pictures, here's a video summary of Part 1 of my experience!

I was super thankful that my transport and appointments were all made and arranged for by Mr. Shin of DOCFINDERKOREA.COM
from picking us up from the airport > sending us to our hotel > to Izien Hospital 
I've read somewhere online that there are actually many people who fly over to Korea alone to get surgery done and to be alone it can get quite scary since you're in a foreign country and everyone speaks a foreign language.. if that's the case you can always engage the services of DOCFINDERKOREA.COM to have everything arranged for you without a fee as their service
is free of charge :) 

As you guys would've known by now, I got my surgery done at Izien Cosmetic Surgery Hospital.
Izien is located in the heart of Gangnam and despite the busy streets, Izien is located about a street away from the main road so you're safe from the hustle and bustle from the crowd! 

My first impression of Izien was - Homely. 
It definitely did not feel like a hospital at all! As we had some waiting to do, I felt super comfortable most of the time :) It is good as I feel it helps people relax and not so tensed up even tho they're
at a hospital awaiting treatment :) 

Upon reaching we had to go through the necessary paperwork and registration before I could begin with consultation. In case you're wondering how I coped with the language barrier, thankfully at Izien they have staff available who could speak Chinese so communication wasn't a problem!

After settling the paperwork it was time for consultation! I was ushered to another level where all the
consultation rooms were,
 made myself comfortable as I was waiting for my consultant...
I couldn't deny that I was really tired tho, I had only about 2-3 hours of sleep before that on the plane so I was super tired out from traveling and lack of sleep :(

Consultation began when the in-house consultant came in to look at me!
Firstly I began with telling her what I wanted to do on my face (eyes, cheekbones, jawline)
 Consultation is really important if you're getting surgery done because not all surgery is suitable for everyone, you have to ensure that the surgery you want suits your face and has a 'facial harmony' with the rest of your features as well so it's good to always listen to what the consultant has to say before making a decision. After all, don't forget that it's your face we're talking about!!! 
  She was really attentive to me and listened to what I had to say before she spoke. As I had fillers as well, I told them that I would like to get the fillers on my chin removed so they could operate on my chin together with my jaw. 

In my case, I was initially recommended to do my nose and have paranasal implants done!
However I never really struggled with an issue on my nose so after some consideration I decided
to pass on that and just focus on what I feel is more of a priority for me :) 
Next up I had a second consultation with the CEO/Representative Doctor of IZIEN who
continued with the consultation and helped finalized the procedures which I will be getting
 The consultation for me took a slightly longer time than I had expected mainly as I had soooo many questions to ask! Don't be afraid to ask your doctor any questions if you have them because it's right that you know what you're going to do to your face. In my case I was getting my jaw and zygoma done and for plastic surgery it is considered quite a major op so I could say that I was also super scared hence all the questions hahah

 After that I had my third consultation with the consultant earlier and she explained to me the surgeries I would be getting and how it would be done. Most of the incisions for my surgery will be done from the inside of my mouth and side of my face (side burns) 
This is how all scars from the surgery are 'invisible' ;)

After the consultation, it was time to do some body tests and check-up. 
This included a CT Scan, X-ray, blood test, ECG... etc. this is to ensure that my body is good and well enough to undergo surgery. I was quite surprised that they were quite strict with this as I thought as long as you're not sick then a surgery can be done easily~
But nevertheless, strict is good as that means the hospital is taking all kinds of precaution to ensure 
that you're safe :) 

 These scans are 100% painless lol so you don't have to worry.. although I must admit that they looked
a little intimidating at some point hahaha!

 After the scans, I proceeded with the rest of my full body check up before calling it a day at Izien.
My surgery was scheduled for the next day so I had the rest of the day to take a good sleep and mentally prepare myself for surgery. To be honest I was so so so sooooo scared I kept texting J and telling him that I was super nervous!!! >.<

After taking a good night's rest, I was back at Izien the next morning! Prior to surgery it was made sure that I didn't eat or drink anything for the past 12 hours, I think it was due to the fact that I will be on general anesthesia or something.. so I had to fast before surgery~

Denise was saying how I haven't had a proper picture with her ever since we set foot into Korea so here's a picture of me with my old face before surgery! Hahaha

Before I was ushered into the surgery room, some preparations had to be done and I had one final consultation with the doctors. 
 We also took pictures of my "Before" face for the hospital's reference. 

 The doctors who will be operating on my eyes, zygoma and jawline!
 In case you're wondering, yes the doctors who operated on me are different. That's because each doctor specializes on a particular area hence depending on what surgery you're getting, the doctors will rotate and perform the procedure themselves. 
Time to change into my surgery outfit~
At this point I was super OMFGGGGGF nervous.. I couldn't really believe that I am about to step into surgery. It was hard to explain the emotions had, I was excited yet scared.. The thought that the day I have been dreaming about was finally going to happen just made me feel so happy! 
I honestly couldn't believe it was happening ;D
And finally setting foot into the operating theatre!!! Just look at my face -.- Hahahahahaha 
Part 2 will be up next with more details on Post-Op and recovery :) 
Nevertheless, I would really like to thank DOCFINDERKOREA.COM for helping me out with
everything from the patient planning over emails to recommending Izien Cosmetic Surgery Hospital to the best service I could have from the moment I stepped into Korea ;-)

If you're considering surgery in Korea I would definitely recommend the services of DOCFINDERKOREA.COM 
You can be sure that they will find you the safest and trustable clinics + hospitals in Korea to ensure the best for all of their patients! Just to note to remind you all that not ALL clinics in Korea are a 100% safe, it is said that about 70% of these clinics don't have emergency systems so certain failed surgeries can result in the worst possible way - Death. 
Never risk your life for the sake of getting cheaper surgery!!!
In the next post I will be talking about what surgery I did and post-operative pictures
plus stitch removal! I hope you enjoyed this post so do keep a look out for Part 2 :) 

Thank You for reading!