April 8, 2014


Oh how time flies!
I just realized that it has been about a week since I came back from Seoul and honestly...
am missing Seoul quite a bit. Especially the weather!!! :( 
Figured that it has been about a week too since my last update *hehehehehe but no worries,
I still have tons of visuals from my 2 week-long vacation in Seoul 
 Picking up from where I left off, here's Day #8 Post-op!
Denise suggested we go have Samyetang (also known as Ginseng Chicken Soup) 
This dish is super popular in Korea and is known for it's amazing health benefits all packed into a bowl
of soup! Not to mention a hot bowl of soup is perfect for us in the cold weather ^^
 The menu is a no-brainer.. There's 3 main dishes and the prices differs along with the ingredients
which their chicken is cooked in. Most expensive wise has probably the best ginseng or something...? 

We ordered 2 sets, 1 set each and here's what it looks like!!! 
 Within the chicken there's glutinous rice and tons of herbs which makes up most of the taste of the 
broth, I can't really put a point to how it tastes like exactly but all I know is that it was super yummy!!!
AHHHHHH I would give anything to have this again :(

 No pictures after cos we were too busy enjoying our dish. Don't be fooled by it's looks cos one set itself can fill your tummy pretty well. I mean after all you're having an entire chicken to yourself...

Tosokchon 토속촌
5, Jahamun-ro 5-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul 

Since it was Denise's last day in Seoul and we were both kinda broke already, we spent the rest of the day traveling and exploring Seoul. Most of the time we were actually underground in the subway haha
It's relatively easy to travel around Seoul as long as you get a map! Just follow the instructions 
and take the subway and it can pretty much get you everywhere :)

After roaming about for hours we found ourselves back in Hongdae Cafe Street!
We wanted to find a nice cafe to chill and have desserts at..
 As night fell it started to get pretty chilly as well so we cut short our hunt for a nice cafe and randomly jumped into a coffee place, Coffine Gurunaru It kinda resembled Starbucks??? Since we wanted a cake and we couldn't find a cafe which sells nice cakes we just made do with what we found which was...
 Yeaaaaa Honey on Toast!!! Reminded me a little of the toast at After You (Bangkok) but obviously nothing can beat After You hurhurhur
 If you're a fan of White Chocolate, I would highly recommend the Hot White Chocolate drink from Coffine Gurunaru as it's freaking AMAZING. I remembered taking a sip and I was like..
Definitely MUST TRY!!! 

and finally.... ending off this quick visual post with my favorite dish of all time in Korea,
I couldn't stop eating Toppokis in Korea cos I love them so so so so much!!!
(which also explains why I ended up busting my stitch hohohohoho) 
They have Toppokis almost everywhere in Korea so this is one dish you wouldn't want to miss! :)
It's about 21 days post-op and I can say that I'm healing really well~
Most people couldn't tell that I had surgery and said I just look slightly chubby due to the swelling 
I think it will take about another month or 2 before it will subside? Hahaha
Currently working on my surgery post so for those who're interested waittttttttt for it!!!

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