May 18, 2014


So I am finally back from my short trip to Bangkok!
I must admit that 7 months of absence from the +66 was starting to take it's toll on me and when 
Scoot was having a sale it was too good to pass! Gotta thank J for buying me the ticket and flying over
to spend the holiday with me x Will be blogging about the trip soon! :)

Anyhoos, today I will be sharing with you something I got that you can find on:
For those who've missed my post, this is a sub-site that I have came up with doing pre-orders/selling of
 bags and accessories... and perhaps clothes (depends...) I will try to update weekly and pre-orders are always open so feel free to check by every week! 

So just in case some of you would like a glimpse of the items before they arrive, today I have with me the Macy Trio Sling Bag! (Available in Red and Black) 
I've always wanted a bag that could hold all my basic necessities yet match my outfits easily!
Needless to say, I'm happy to have found this baby!!!
 The size is perfect as it isn't too big, nor too small so it fits my S5, shades, wallet and my make-up!
 Oh and it's parts are detachable so you can use the bag on it's own or it's compartments as a clutch/pouch! Super versatile :) 

 Adjustable sling so you can carry it on your shoulder or across.. it's up to you!
for more details you can head over to > PONYONHIGHSTREET MARKETPLACE
to check it out as well as several other items up for sale now :) 
For those who're wondering the items will take roughly about a week to arrive after your order has
been confirmed, after which I will pack and send your items all via Registered Mail so your items
will be sent to you safely, no more worries for lost mail! 

Wait no longer and pop by to shop now!
Thank you for reading and I will see you in my next post xxx
Have a great weekend yall :)