May 23, 2014


Just a quick pre-weekend post since I realized I have been quite behind on postings.. hehe
So a quick snippet of my week in pictures!
here's me in the Mini Pandora Bag now available at the Ponyonhighstreet Marketplace :)
Also, it seems like I'll be working at Haji from now on (SUP) so if you're around pop by and say Hi!
Don't forget to bring your friends and boyfriends to come shopping! hehe

Next up... What is a week without some good food! Managed to stumble upon Yoogane at Bugis!
I knew they were opening a new outlet in Singapore but I didn't know it would be at Bugis lol
So decided to have dinner there and GODDDDD I HAVE MISSED KOREAN FOOD SOOO MUCH
it  was such a pleasure to be able to eat there and relieve those days in Korea hehe.
 We ordered 2 sets of Chicken Galbi Cheese Fried Rice with ramyun and cheese topokki.....
All my workout which I did this week flushed down the drain hahhahaha


Yoogane Singapore
Bugis Junction, #02-47-48 S(188021)

On Weds night, it was......#TGIW after the longest hiatus! It's about 2 months since my surgery and about time I could start drinking so, TGIW it is! At the same time, DX was also celebrating her birthday there so it was a massive get together amongst us hehe
 birthday bb!

 Reddy xxx Hahahah so cute with his french fries jumper haha

Awww my Mao buddy for life hahahahaha!
It's been a great week so far, although there's so much work for me to do (omg....)

I hope everyone has had a great week so far, looking forward to the weekends and Xmen!!!
Will be back with a new post in abit, don't forget to stick around!