May 4, 2014


Hello guys~ I hope you all are having a great Sunday!
So just a quick post today, if you guys look to your <<< left 
you will see a new tab and it's none other than:
*claps hand!!!*

Nothing extravagant or whatsoever but it's just a space where I will be selling mainly
bags/shoes/accessories and (maybe) clothing from time to time! I decided that since I'm always searching for nice stuff to buy online why not share it with you guys and do pre-orders so if you guys
are interested you can order with me as well :)

Just so you know the items I've picked aren't just picked randomly or without a thought, these are selectively picked by me and designs which I feel is... nice? So it's not a anyhow-anyhow thing!
Pre-orders are open weekly, they close at the end of the week as well so I can't guarantee stocks for some of the items available so if you like it hurry order it first before it's gone~

Currently I have only bags available.... slowly I will be adding in more items so don't forget
to check back for newest arrivals. Here's a peek at what's available:

A little like the Celine- Trio Bag but obviously with this one costing you 1/30 of the price hehe
available in both black and red, I can't help but love this bag so much!!!
I ordered a piece each in both colors and I can't wait to receive them :) 

And then there's the ALICE SLING PHONE PURSE
Available in 3 sizes I think this is the ideal bag to bring for a party! Or if you're someone who's super
lazy to carry too much out in a bag, this is the purse for you :) 

I know most of you have been asking me tons of questions about my Pandora.. so for those who're in love with it, I found the perfect sized pandora for you - MINI-PANDORA HANDBAG
I can't help but exclaim how cute this is!? Comes in 2 colors and these that I've found are the best in quality
as compared to some of the others I have came across! For those who're a fan of acrylic purses like these,
you wouldn't want to miss these! 
All items can be found on the Marketplace! You can click here to be directed there!

There isn't a specific url to the page cos it's a sub-page from my blog so the easiest way
to visit the Marketplace would be to go through my blog :) 

Pop by and check it out and start shopping away :)