May 9, 2014


Here's the next installation of my Korea trip in March.. I'm sorry I have to break the post up into
so many parts because I have so many pictures and I don't want to sum it all up within 1 post in case
it get's too long and boring. Heh heh heh :x 

So picking up from where I left off: Day 9, it was the day Denise would be gg back to SG :(
Since she had to go to the airport early, we went for an early lunch at Dongdaemun before rushing back so she could catch the Airport Limo bus!
 After she left I was all alone -_-  I decided to walk back to Dongdaemun to do a little shopping just to kill time. I think within a few short hours I got myself almost 10 caps?!!?! LOL I decided it was time to stop so I got some takeaway food and headed back to the residence to rest! 

I woke up super duper early the next morning to pick J up from the airport (cos I don't trust him with his directions) and it was safest if I picked him so I made my lonely way to 
Seoul Station > took the Airport Express > Incheon. 
Something epic happened in Seoul Station, I went onboard the wrong train and if I was only a minute later I would've been on the way to BUSAN instead on Incheon!!!!! LOLOL can you imagine!?!??!

After picking J, I went to Izien to remove the stitches on my eye followed by lunch with
Dr. Shin Park who took us to have traditional Korean food,
 I guess when you're in Korea, you'll be seeing tons of these. Food in small bowls etc.
Didn't do much after and pretty much spent the rest of the day watching Running Man in the residence!

In the evening, decided to head out for dinner w loveeeeeeeeeeeeee xx
 What is Korea without Korean BBQ!!!

Korean ginseng chicken soup which isn't that nice as compared to Tosokchon, meh!!!

 Spent the rest of the evening strolling around Dongdaemun and walking back to the residence~

Day #11, Brought J to Myeong Dong. Since I got most of my shopping done the week before, this time it was just to bring J around and see the place! Before we went shopping again we had lunch at a restaurant in Myeong Dong. I think this would be my most favorite meal of the entire trip!!!
It's like BBQ chicken + rice + cheese in red sauce all mixed up and I think it's the sauce but
everything mixed together tasted soooooo good!!!

 noms noms noms...

After roaming Myeong Dong, I brought J to Hong Dae!!! We travelled mostly via the subway for those who're wondering and it's quite easy as long as you know where to stop! Since it was late we popped by a random japanese udon stall for udon before shopping till late, no pictures since I was busy... shopping hahahahahaha.

Stopped by a dessert shop called "Chocolate Cake" which is famous for their lava cake!

Tried out their cheesecake as well..... although the serving was super tiny, it was good!!!

 All their lava cake was baked on the spot and in a mug so we had to wait a little, however I found that
the taste of the cake was really.... normal? Haha nothing special, but not bad as well so I guess overall it was okay then? LOL

 Stopped by Style Nanda as well to take pictures at the photobooth!!!
For those who asked how to do so, nope you don't have to buy anything from the shop to use the photobooth. It's there for you to use and it's free of charge as well :) 

Day #12, We spent the whole of Day #12 at Bangbaedong! It is another area in Seoul and we went there to visit Kim, a korean friend at his apartment :) 

I hardly took pictures of myself cos I didn't see a point in doing so since I was behind a mask most
of the time.... but nevertheless, here's one w J! Hehe

 Kim's dog, Yeon Jin!!!!! What a cutie pieeeeeeeee!!!! >.<

Kim pretty much took us around for the entire day so we chilled and roamed the streets of Itaewon,
 Not to mention stopping every now and then for food..

 I'm actually amazed at how much I ate despite having so much stitches in my mouth o.o HAHA
Everyone told me it was so hard to eat but somehow I managed to eat quite normally for someone who has had jaw surgery heehehehehehehheh.

As night fell we found ourselves back in Garosu-gil, found a restaurant which sells Thai food!
 Missing Thailand even in Korea, hehe

The food was OKAY... I wouldn't say fantastic but I wouldn't expect much from eating Thai food in Korea tho. So nevertheless it was still a great dinner at Garosu-gil~

Speaking of Thailand.... I will be going back there next week!!!
too much! Hehe super stoked :D

So I guess I will stop here for Korea! I hope you've enjoyed the visuals so far :)
I will be updating this space every week with more stuff so feel free to check back always! 

Thank You for reading and I hope you guys have a great weekend ahead! x