June 3, 2014


My apologies for the week-long break, I'll admit that I might have gotten slightly distracted with so many activities that I have neglected this space. Hurhurhur :>
Nevertheless.. I PROMISE!!! I PROMISE to post more regularly now k!!!

So, back to my post.. very quickly May is over! And quite suddenly it's time for everyone's birthdays?!
I've been pre-occupied for the past 2 weeks (weds and weekends) from birthdays AAANDD 
I realised that it has been quite awhile since I've actually dressed up and went out hahahhahha so these celebrations actually came pretty timely :) 

Pictures from 2 birthdays before the month ended... starting with Hande's!
Can't believe it's been a year, last year we celebrated his birthday for him at Bangkok and now 
another year has passed~ Oh how time flies...
 Dx!!! Can't believe we ended up spending the entire night dancing until the lights were on!
Totally missing the old times xxx
 For those who know... Gary (also known as Yicong) bwahahahahah
 DDR Crew (Dons + Denise + Rachel) 
I don't know how to explain how we got together except for the many times we always
end up mao together. Hahahahahahahahah 
 Birthday boy with his wayyyyy too contented birthday face!?

 Sof and Eug came to join us for a bit, yay!!! Good times x One of the best Saturday night party!

And then of cos last weekend we have our little Mae who's not so little as she's another year older :)
Threw a birthday at Equarius Beach Villa which was sooooo pretty (especially the view)

Met tons of familiar faces and most precious of all would be...
Eu!!! Bwahahaha I'm always mean to her but in a love way okay, I know you know *winks*
It has been MONTHS since I last saw this woman, omg........ *faints

And of cos not forgetting this gem who came xxx

 Cute! Haha, Happy Birthday Mae! x

Sof, Eug, Chev and I decided to pop by Zouk after.. It's been soooo long since I visited Zouk on a Friday hahahahaha. Stuck ourselves in Phuture for some support for our fellow Ghetto x

Annnnnnd that pretty much sums up my very unhealthy weekend haha~

And there you have it, a slight glimpse of what I have been doing so far!
I have to admit I have some extra time on my hand nowadays so I've been pre-occupying myself with
some activities which I will talk about in my next few posts :) 

so at the meantime, I hope you enjoyed this short post!
Promise to be back in a bit x