June 20, 2014


Hello guys! Today I will be blogging about the i.t Singapore styling contest and opening party
which happened on the 12th June 2014! My journey with i.t started 3 months back and I can't believe how quickly these 3 months have passed!
So on the 12th of June before the opening party at orchardgaeway, I had to pop by i.t Wisma for the This is i.t styling challenge! A big thank you for those who reposted and took part in the contest :) 
For the challenge, I was made to style @princessrchl -_- LOL who coincidentally happened to be
one of my good friends. Bwahahahaha honestly when I received the news I couldn't stop laughing!

The brand I was supposed to style her in was izzue which happens to by my favourite brand in i.t so 
I was so happy as this challenge was going to be a breeze!
 I styled her in a See-through chiffon lace blouse, a structured sleeveless vest and a pair of pants!
I didn't want anything too colourful and yet the same time I wanted to stick to the izzue look so
I managed to come out with this look which I really loved in the end :) 
After the styling we all took turns to shoot our outfits and such.. this girl was too camera shy
she kept asking me "HOW HOW HOW!!? HOW TO POSE!?!" Hahahahahhahahahahahhaha
 After the styling we all gathered along with our winners for the challenge for a group shot!

And another shot of Rachel and I! Both of us are decked in izzue from head to toe :) 

Soon after the challenge we made our way to the media preview of the 2 new brands that i.t have brought into the new outlet at orhcardgateway:  Aape and Style Nanda
It was a pleasure to take a peek inside the store before they were opened to the public that evening as
we got to see everything (without the hustle and bustle from the party) and I must say I was impressed
with the new brands!

 Aape by A Bathing Ape is now made available in i.t Singapore (orchardgateway)

stole a self-shot in the mirror in the store! I love the entire store is so brightly lit and has that
'futuristic' look to it! Makes shopping and browsing really enjoyable :) 

Next up would be the brand that most of us girls have been waiting for... Style Nanda! 

And there you'll find their signature KKXX apparels and accessories as well :) 
No need to fly out of Singapore to shop Style Nanda anymore!!!

It was truly a wonderful experience getting to preview all these items beforehand as well as
attending the opening party! Thank you once again i.t Singapore for having me :) 

i.t orchardgateway is now open so feel free to pop by and start shopping away!
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