June 22, 2014


Here's an official announcement...... *drum rolls* 
I have officially jumped onto the Android bandwagon! Huahuahuahuahua
For those who didn't know, my iPhone 5S decided to take a plunge into the toilet bowl and since then, it has remained dead to this present day. SIGHS.

Hence I was phoneless for a week and thank thank THANK god for Samsung SG and Gushcloud I was able to get my hands on a new phone which is none other than the Samsung S5! 
I have to admit that initially I was super skeptical about using an Android cos I've been an avid user of Apple products and I didn't imagine a day whereby I would switch to a Samsung...

Guess I surprised myself big time hahahahaha

Nevertheless, upon greeting the Samsung S5 I was quite pleased with it's appearance! And omg...
something epic happened when I un-boxed the phone -.-
I was trying to switch it on and it couldn't come on at all and I was convinced that my set was broken,
so I told Eric "Eric!!! I can't on my phone, I think it's spoilt" and he was like 
"did you put in the battery???" and I went "HUH!? Oh.... must put battery ah?!?!?!?"
Bwahhahahahahahahhaha I figured it was time for an Android Crash course ;D

 After turning on the phone I was honestly blown away with the vibrant colors and display from the screen. With such a wide screen and crystal clear display it's perfect for watching videos (which I have done already hahaha) I managed to catch the entire Season 5 of TVD on the S5 and the experience is amazing!

 So far I'm still very new to the android interface so I've been trying to get the hang of using the phone. Surprisingly it's pretty easy except for the fact that I have to get
used to typing on such a huge screen!

But I also found out a tip for those who have small hands and can’t reach the
other side of the huge screen:
Settings > Sound & Display > One-handed Operation 
This will adjust the screen size such that you can control and maneuver around the phone
with just ONE HAND!
Also the Galaxy S5 comes with a set of specially curated third party content and services via 
GALAXY Gifts (worth over US$500). With the S5 you can stand to use a selection of apps for free!
Most of these apps are fitness apps so all the more you'll be closer to achieving your fitness goal :) 

Speaking of fitness goals, I have also been presented with the Gear Fit!
It is basically a device where you wear on your wrist (like a watch) and it's linked to your phone
whereby there's tons of functions to explore!
I will blog more about my experience with the Gear Fit and the Samsung S5 LTE in my next post so don't forget to keep a lookout for it!

It's quite awhile since I've received the Samsung GALAXY S5 LTE and I got to admit that it's been quite an experience with this smartphone. There are so, so many features that I have never thought could make such a huge difference in my life!

 Although there's still tons to explore, it's was a pleasure to give the Samsung S5 a try! Looking forward to more discoveries and fun with this device!
Stay tuned! x