June 21, 2014


hey hey.. I am finally back!!!
Bwhahahahaa I love how I always come back after a super long hiatus and then disappear.
As much as I really wanted to blog, the most unfortunate thing that could happen, happened -.-
What could it be? The death of my laptop zzz
Won't go into details but it's so unlucky that all my macbooks always tend to have a 2-3 year lifespan
with me before crashing. URGH!!!? How unlucky can I get? 

Needless to say I was computer-less for a good whole 2 weeks. Thank god my I managed to get it fixed
and now I am back here again!!!

I will be uploading pictures in no particular order but pictures that happened over the past few weeks!
I finally had more time on my hands for myself so I have been gym-ing frequently, studying Korean and catching up with friends + since I'm almost all recovered from my op... so PARTY TIME!!!

first up is nowhere else but zouk with my babies!!!

 our impromptu floral themed night and look at how spontaneous everyone was?! 

Sofie bb!!!
Not sure if you all have heard of the sad news but Zouk is scheduled to close at the end of the year and 
I mean if you've been reading my blog since years back you would've seen that Zouk is as close to another home to me and to have it just go down like this.... I just can't!!!

For those who've been there before and enjoyed yourself, could you kindly take a minute to help with the #SAVEZOUK movement at www.save-zouk.com
You have no idea how much this would mean to everyone who loves Zouk
 as well as the future of Zouk!

 partner in crime/nanny/my guardian angel: denise 씨

Also, managed to catch Dewbear while he was in Singapore for his birthday celebration hehe

Also managed to meet and catch-up with my dearest xiao choo!!! 

 for those who remember her, yes she was my best buddy while I was in NAFA
I'm surprised this woman didn't judge me from way back when she knew me since I was so full of nonsense back in school... bwhhahahahahhahahahaa. 
I also managed to keep up on a regular schedule to R-evolution, my new fitness sponsor!
(will blog about this soon)
So thank god for R-evolution Vivocity, I have been exercising regularly :) Managed to drag Soph to Pilates and Riot with me and after we met Judith for brunch!

Erm... well #thethingsthatwedo
 Eggs Benny for me!!! Hehe

 After brunch we had a nice chit chat and annoy-judith session... I can't believe this woman bought a selfie stick and managed to squeeze it into her freaking 'minuscule' bag

and another picture together :) 

Haha life has been treating me so well lately, June seemed to have flew passed way too quickly!
I can't wait for July to come cos.... it's my birthday month :D
Can't believe I'm turning 22 soon, I feel old already :/

Owell! That's all for my quick update for today, I will have another post up tomorrow and
within the next few days as well so don't forget to check back! x