June 24, 2014


Oops.. I realized that I left out my last 2 days of my recent trip to Seoul (HAHA)
and before I delay further I shall do up a post for my last 2 days in Korea!

So in March, I spent 2 weeks in Korea after doing through a Zygoma reduction, Jawbone reduction and Ptosis correction! This trip would never have happened if not for WWW.DOCFINDERKOREA.COM
Feel free to browse my posts for previous entries that I did on my Korea trip!
Sooo on second last day of my trip and it was time to remove the remaining stitches I had in my mouth
Went back to Izien Cosmetic Surgery Hospital and re-stitched up a small area in my mouth as well cos I busted the stitches while being a greedy ass in Korea. LOL
Everyone was surprised at how much I managed to eat even with my mouth full of stitches wahaha
However, I had to pay the price with another round of stitching and a longer recovery time :(
 So remember guys... if you ever have stitches in your mouth. Kindly stick to liquid food if not it is
going to cause a lot of complications after! 

I was quite happy that my face was healing really quickly! Everyone was telling me how well I was healing as by the 13th day most of the major swelling had gone down, I just looked chubby after that
which is way better then how I had looked 5-7 days before that day haha.

I guess this sums up my Korean trip! I know I haven't done a part 2 of my surgery post yet..
My bad!!! The pictures are still in my toilet bowled iPhone5 which is undergoing repair :/
Once I have it back I will have Part 2 up in no time!!!

Next up I will be blogging on my recent Bangkok trip again soooo stay tuned for that too :)
I love holiday posts!!! My life is so boring in Singapore I honestly have no idea what to document when I'm here. Haha :/ 

So anyway, I hope you enjoyed this post! I will be back with a new post in a few days time
Thank You for reading xxx