July 4, 2014


As a skin-care junkie, I LOVE exploring tons of different skin-care brands to see what exciting products are available out there for me to discover. So as soon as BEBE BLANC emailed, I couldn't be happier because it seems like a new facial product would be on it's way!!!

What/who is BEBE BLANC?
"BEBE BLANC is founded by a team of enthusiastic beauty junkies who focuses on the importance of having a good skincare product for each individual. We believed that beauty is skin deep and having a clean and healthy skin help to boost one’s positive self-esteem and confidence.

BEBE BLANC is a collective of premium quality products carefully sourced from Thailand and around the world in time to come! We work only with direct manufacturers and ensure that the products are of quality standards and FDA approved. You can definitely find the right product amongst the different brands at BEBE BLANC!"

Today I will be introducing the Easter Egg Facial Mousse brought to you by BEBE BLANC
The Easter Egg Facial Mousse pack is a "super mask" which is packed with 
Egg yolk, as well as fruits extract which means.. anti-oxidant and high vitamin-c combined + packed
within this bottle to help your skin achieve a radiant glow and smoother appearance :) 
Egg Yolk plus other beneficial ingredients which are high in anti-oxidant and good for our skin!

What I like about the Easter Egg Facial Mousse is that it cleanses really gently and is BARELY harsh
to my skin! I was quite surprised as this product is said to help exfoliate dead skin cells and impurities. Additionally it also helps with reducing the appearance of dark spots and 
(I'm sure with the help of the lemon extract) gives you a brighter skin complexion after as well :) 

So how do we use the Easter Egg Facial Mousse? Let me show you! 
After cleansing your face with your regular cleanser, pump the mousse up to an equivalent of
the size of an egg onto your palm and apply it generously on your face.
(remember to give the bottle a good shake beforehand!)
Gently massage and work the product into your skin so that it absorbs it to the fullest!
You would want to feed your skin with all the goodness and nutrients from the mousse :)

Leave it on for about 10-15 minutes before washing it off and you're done!

so far I have used this mask for a couple of times and I can say that so far I am loving it!
It is perfect for days when your skin is dull and you just want a quick pick-me-up, 
this product would be great :) 
Just 10-15 minutes of this and you'll get a brighter and refreshed skin for the rest of the day.
The best part is that the Easter Egg Facial Mousse is suited for normal to oily skin types so everyone can give this mask a try! 

For those who're thinking of giving this product a try, you can head over to 
WWW.BEBEBLANC.COM.SG to purchase your very own Easter Egg Facial Mousse today!
Readers who quote "PONYXEE" are entitled to complimentary registered postage upon
ordering so don't forget to include the code as well! :) 

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