July 28, 2014


It has been awhile since I've started on the Curel Sebum Skincare Range and I must say that
it has been doing wonders to my skin!

My favourite product out of the range would be the Foaming Cleanser as I love how frothy the foam
gets just after 2-3pumps and it gently cleanses my face really thoroughly!
It helps rid my skin of excess oil but doesn't strip the moisture of my face, hence my skin feels very
clean and supple after cleansing :) 
So far, the range has helped me with my oily skin to a certain extent where I realised that 
my skin now lasts longer outdoors before it starts to show a little shine.
On top of that, the products have been really gentle yet effective at the same time!

My skin sensitivity has also improved after using the Curel Sebum Care Range, as the product aids
in cleansing my face thoroughly and removes all excess sebum which may aggravate my skin and worsen it's sensitivity. After usage, I feel that my skin is less oily and I have gotten my sensitive skin
under control all thanks to Curel! 
Being a liquid-based gel, the Curel Sebum Care Moisture Gel is absorbed into the skin almost immediately upon application! No more worries about leaving the skin sticky :)
It has been a pleasure to be able experience the Kao Curel Sebum Care Range and I am still going to continue using it until it runs out!!! This is definitely my new favourite range of products ;)

Made in Japan, the CurĂ©l Sebum Care range is now available in Singapore at selected Guardian and 
Watson’s stores. Prices range from S$19.80 to S$34.90

Good news for you all out there, Curel is giving out samples from this range for you to try out yourself and they are available at their facebook page:
Pop over to redeem these samples to try them out for yourself! x