July 6, 2014


Today I will be posting up some visuals from my week ago Phuket trip with Mummy Tay!
It all started when Tams told me she wanted to go on a short holiday before she gives birth and so we decided on somewhere not recently visited yet not too far away which ended us up with, Phuket haha.

Nothing too fancy nor detailed about this trip. Phuket was wayyyyyy to boring for us zzz
I think some others may find it fun but to be honest I don't like the beach haha so if you're a fan of the sea, sun and... sand?! You might enjoy yourself there~
 We flew via Silkair and the entire journey took us 1hour and 40mins! 
Our home for the next few days would be The Beach Heights Resort which is about 500m away from Kata Beach! I like Kata Beach because it is slightly more quieter and much cleaner as compared to Patong. The infamous Patong beach is considered the 'prime' area in Phuket so you'll find tons of hotels, shops, pubs and tourists there. 
 By the time we got to the hotel it was night time already!
 Nothing much that we could do so we settled for a quick dinner, massage and then bed!
(ooooh we slept in so much I think  managed to catch up on all the sleep I have missed in SG)

Got up next morning for buffet breakfast!!!

Since we had practically nothing planned/to do everyday we just dressed nicely and took many pictures
I had an excuse to look nice everyday since I had to shoot all my advert pics hehe :x
 Here's me in a super comfy Floral drawstring pants from SHOPJENITH

Travelling in Phuket is convenient via a taxi BUT...
THE PRICE IS PRETTY RIDICULOUS. It is wayyyyyyy more expensive than Bangkok and I think more than Singapore as well *faints* We had nothing much to spend on there but I think we spent most of our $$$ on taxis haha.
 Ooooo that's my youngest aunt, she went on the trip with us as well with her hubby!
 so we hired a taxi for *gulps* 550thb just to get to a mall which was about 20mins away zz
OWELL. It's not like we had a choice, all the taxis there charge by a flat rate and they hardly use a meter. SIGHZ

The mall was like any other regular mall, walked a bit and got myself some stuff from Watsons and H&M. I love Watsons in Thailand!?!? If you're ever in Thailand remember to stock up on make-up and products from Watsons cos it's way cheaper there as compared to Singapore hahaha.
I managed to get a book too cos I kinda missed reading and I wanted to make use of this trip to catch up on that ^^ Talk about healthy+detox trip. Haha

Got back to the hotel early so we decided to head down to take more pics!!!

 I think we were the only tourists from the hotel that were super enthusiastic about taking pictures
everyone else by the pool were in their bikinis, tanning and swimming and there we were.....
just taking pictures. Hahahahahahaha
 #OOTD for that afternoon was this NEVER COAST Cropped tee by ENFLOOK

After that we pretty much spent the rest of our day lazing in the hotel... to the point where we were even too lazy to go get dinner we ordered room service. Wahahahaa

Day 3 was the worst :( We planned to head to the beach on Day 3 but it wouldn't stop raining!?!?
It was a sooooo heavy in the morning that the wind was blowing like crazy and for the rest of the day
it was rain rain and more rain. It even rained until night!
 We decided to head to another mall this time near Patong just to kill time (which we did)
and spent the rest of the day just shopping and checking out the Patong beach area~

 No beach and no sun so we just gotta act like the weather was awesome hahahahahah.

Day #4, we woke up EXTRA early on our last day just so that we can make our way to the beach and catch the morning sun. Since the day before was so boring we actually slept earlier so we could get up 
early too! The beach was about a 10mins walk away so it made a good morning walk for us as well.

And finally we made it!!! 
4 days in Phuket and we only managed to see it on the day we were leaving hahaha
Compared to the day before the sun was shining soooo brightly that it made it hard for me to really open both eyes to take a selfie! Haha

 We didn't go to the beach with the intention of getting a tan... nor swim or whatsoever
we just wanted to go there to take some beach photos! Haha
 Wearing a Summer Lace Tank Top from PEPPYTHREAD
Floral shorts are from OHSOFICKLE but from really old collection!
Aaaaaand that was about it! Our flight was in the evening so we went for more massage and a hair wash before heading to the airport! Haha

I wasn't looking for much or what when I went to Phuket so it didn't surprise me when I figured there was barely anything for us to do there. 
Nevertheless it was a great short trip just to rest and relax with the Mother who's going to be 
giving birth in a few months time!!! *excited*