July 16, 2014


For the past month, I've been religiously making my visits to R-evolution at Vivo-city to get
my weekly doses of workouts! With courtesy of R-evolution, I am in the midst of a 3-month fitness journey with them to a healthier lifestyle! 

So what is R-evolution all about?

R-evolution is a fitness centre located in Vivo-city, the centre offers a variety of fitness classes ranging from 30-60 minutes! Aside from Fitness Classes, R-evolution also houses its very own spa and juice bar within it's premises :) Basically it's an all-in-one fitness centre to integrate fitness, wellness and health into your everyday life :)

They is an extensive list of classes offered at R-evolution which means there is bound to be a suitable class out there for everyone! Whether you're looking to burn some calories, tone your body or just looking for a good workout, R-evolution is the place to visit!
Classes offered ranges from Pilates/ Yoga/ Kickboxing/ Zumba/ MMA/ TRX and more~

These classes are led by a professional trainer to ensure that you're engaging in these workouts safely and effectively :) 

By far my personal favourite class in R-evolution would be RIOT!

Riot is a 30-minute high intensity interval training (HIIT) which packs a serious of maximum energy, calorie burning workouts into 30minutes! This would be great for individuals who don't have much time to spare working out yet are looking for a short and effective one :)
Aside from Riot, there is also YogaBlaze as well as KickBlast which are similar but Riot would definitely be my favourite out of the lot!

Additionally, you can expect to find tons of workout equipments in the Riot room which you will be using while working out! Each session is a different workout so there's always something new to look forward to :) 

For the Yoga and Pilates lover, R-evolution would come as a treat to you guys!
With the centre situated opposite Sentosa, you'll be treated to a beautiful and extensive view of the Sea as well as Sentosa :) Where else can you find such a beautiful sight while working out? Haha

My visits to R-evolution are always 2-3 hours long! After an intense workout, I like to treat myself to a sauna session! Yes they do have 2 sauna rooms with the latest Infra-red sauna technology which is bound to give you a good sweat ;)

For those who looking at starting on a healthy fitness journey, why not experience it for yourself at 
R-evolution? Exclusive for my readers, here's a 
FREE 1-day pass for unlimited classes at R-EVOLUTION (worth $50)
Does not include massage and sauna*
All you have to do is email info@r-evolution.com.sg with subject title ‘ponyyzz’ 
to redeem your pass!
Grab your friends and family members to sign up as well so you can have a day of fun and fitness
with R-evolution Vivo-city :) 

1 Harbourfront Walk, VivoCity#03-09, S(098585)
Tel: 65 63769697

info@r-evolution.com.sg | www.facebook.com/revolutionvivocity