July 3, 2014


just a quick update for this space! nothing much came down this week since I just got back
from a short trip to Phuket hehe. 
 Gotta get my nails done the day after I touched down as my itchy fingers went to pick on my gelish
and I was so afraid that my nails would break haha
But anyhoos, The Nail Artelier did such an awesome job with my July nails!!!
I stuck with the crushed shells and seashell embellishments again because I didn't get enough of them last month and asked for a darker shade of color this time for a change :) 
I'm soooo happy with the design, a huge thank you to The Nail Artelier again for doing such a wonderful job x

Call today to book an appointment! :
48 Haji Lane, #02-01. (62988028)
Kembangan: 16 Jalan Masjid, Kembangan Suites, #01-06 (66362886) 

I also managed to catch up with my long lost IJ babies! It's been forever since I managed to meet up with the whole group *BIG FAT HUGS*
C suggested that we have brunch at Supply and Demand at Orchard Gateway so we had a nice time
with the food and catching up with one another there!

Yep.. a situation like this is no longer new #beforemealhabits

Not sure what exactly is was they ordered lol but it tasted not bad!

didn't eat much as I had lunch earlier so the best part of the whole meet-up was talking and 
updating each other on our lives. I can't believe it but it's been 5 years since we've graduated!
Definitely didn't seem like 5 years to me :/
Nevertheless, I love you girls hehe!!!♥ So glad that this brunch session happened x