July 22, 2014


Vaseline - I'm sure most of you are no stranger to this brand!
Today I will be touching on the topic of the importance of skin hydration, as 
well as how Vaseline may be the answer to soft and supple skin :)

To begin, let me first talking my skin. Before I started using body moisturisers, I never thought they were useful or would make a difference for my skin... not until I realized how dry my elbows were as well as the skin on my legs (all thanks to sleeping in an air-conditioned room)
And that was my first calling to start my body-moisturizing regime, however I couldn't stick to a cream for long, as I hated how my skin feels sticky and oily after. 
Hence I had a love/hate relationship with body creams and it wasn't until I was introduced to Vaseline
which totally changed my impression on body creams!

Vaseline is the expert in healing dry skin through its superior moisturizing technology and specialised expertise in skin conditions. You can say that this brand is an expert in body creams and not only that; it helps hydrate your skin to the fullest.
Without further ado, let me introduce to you the Vaseline Total Moisture 
To learn more on this incredible range of products and how they worked on our skin,
I was invited to the Vaseline Skin Health Workshop held by Vaseline SG featuring
 Dermatologist Speaker Dr K.V. Ratnam, of Ratnam's Allergy & Skin Centre and Vaseline Research & Development, Manager John Goh.
pic credits to: www.instagram.com/gushcloud_sg

It was a truly enriching experience being able to learn more about how our skin works and taking home a handful of useful tips to take better care of our skin!

Here are some tips to keep your skin moisturized and supple: 
1. Place a bowl of water in your room if you're sleeping with the air-con on so that your skin wouldn't dry out as much as the air wouldn't be as dry!
2. Moisturize your skin within the first 3 minutes you step out of your shower/bath, as that’s the prime time when your pores are still opened and its absorbency would be strongest then!
3. Try to limit the number of times you wash your hands/body in a day, because constant washing actually strips your skin of it's natural oil hence drying it out.

The Vaseline Total Moisture range contains the Stratys-3 technology which means the product is not only absorbed at the surface of your skin epidermis, it is also absorbed into the core and well as into the deeper layers of your skin epidermis. This allows maximum hydration and your skin will 
reap the benefits of the cream to the fullest!

And of course, we got to try and test out the Vaseline Total Moisture range that features the 3 different ingredients for targeted skin issues!
Vaseline Pure Oat Extract, Vaseline Pure Cocoa Butter and my personal favourite 
the Vaseline Aloe Fresh.
I love how these body lotion are so fragrant (especially the aloe fresh) and they are absorbed into the skin really quickly after application. I am truly sold!!!

It was an innovative and engaging workshop that I truly did enjoy and am thankful to be invited to :)

Before I was presented with the Vaseline Total Moisture Range, I have already been an avid user of the Vaseline body lotion so you can imagine my joy when I got to go home with more bottles!
I would highly recommend you all to give Vaseline a try and start slapping on your body creams today because down the road when you are older, your skin will thank you for that!
Always remember that the key to youthful and bouncy skin is to always ensure that your skin is hydrated! It is recommended to apply the body lotions within 3 minutes after a bath, as that is when your skin absorbs the most moisture ;)
Jump on the Vaseline bandwagon with me and let's work our way to better skin!
For more tips on maintaining healthy skin, pop over to Vaseline SG's facebook page

Thank You for reading!