August 30, 2014


Hiiiii yall! This is my first entry with my new blog layout and I'm super pleased with it :)
Really happy as I managed to figure the entire thing out by myself, found a base template and then decided to make my own changes to it and I'm really happy with the results! 
There's still some stuff that I would like to add tho but slowly, once I get nice pictures I will definitely add them in to be part of the template! 

Another visual post today for you all, for those who didn't know I flew to Bangkok last week with Sophia! It was a really last minute decision as I felt like leaving SG, ended up booking a flight 3 days before the actual day itself and found myself back in +66. 
 Bunked in with Soph at Glow/Pratunam Hotel, it was my first time staying there as I haven't been staying within Pratunam for quite awhile! I miss staying right in the heart of all the shopping tho haha
The hotel was really clean and spacious I must say, ample space for us to dump all our shopping goods lol

Since we only had 3 short days, we barely had time to stop and rest. Spent the day shopping and walking the whole of Pratunam and Platinum before heading back to freshen up!

 For dinner we traveled to Thonglor to have Mellow! The last time I ate at Mellow was last year before we partied for Sofie's birthday, how time flies... it's been over a year already omg.

Since I was craving the crepe cake from Audrey, we took a short stroll over to get some cakes!!!
 Yea.. while waiting for our cakes to be packed I insisted to take pictures around the really outdoor compound of Audrey, only to have really weird expressions. Hahahahahahha

Our last day calls for last minute errands... woke up extra early just to get nice outfits pictures.
 but too bad I was afraid of the sun!
 Nevertheless... I tried. Haha I managed to get some nice shots tho hehe.
Anyway these shots are for none other than @carrislabelle / 
Thank You for sending me the Asymmetrical Skirt as well as the tweed bag!! Both are really lovely :)

We popped over to Centralworld for brunch! There's a new wing which just opened and they have quite a number of new cafes/restuarants. I can't wait to go back again to check the rest of the restuarants out as they're all really very nicely decorated! It's a pity as it was our last day as we really wanted to try a few of them out :(

In the end we settled at Hyde and Seek / Peek-a-Boo since they were serving All Day Breakfast!
Apparently the chef of the restaurant was a winner of Thailand's Iron Chef....? If what the waitress told me was correct, yeah. Haha

As usual I ordered my Eggs Benedict! I was quite surprised tho that the dish was served rather differently from the other egg benedicts I've tried! Instead of bacon the pork was more of... roasted pork? Haha

 Overall we were quite pleased with the food! However it can come up to slighty pricier than the food you find else where (in Bangkok) In total we paid about $50ish SGD for 3 dishes and a pot of tea. It's an okay price if you're eating in Singapore but for Bangkok... slightly expensive I must say :/

 Since we had time to kill we walked around Central and had desserts followed by a nice hour long foot massage before heading back to the hotel to leave for the airport!

Although it was only 3 days I'm glad that I took the time to head back! I love Bangkok so much I don't think I will ever get sick of going back, blogging about it makes me wanna go back even more. Looking forward to my next trip in Oct! X