August 11, 2014


Hiiii, today I will be doing a Lens of the Month post! 
This will be something new that I will be working on with DazzleMeLens for the upcoming months :) Just to freshen up your memory, DazzleMeLens is my all time favourite lens shop from Bangkok and for the past 2 years I have been getting me lenses from them! Not only are they affordable but they are super comfortable and there are tons of designs to choose from!

You can read my first posting for them here: PONY: DAZZLEMELENS

Today I will be featuring my favourite lenses for the month of August, it is none other than
Andromeda (Grey)
I have always been a fan of brown and grey lenses and I find that these colours more subtle as compared to others. I have worn blue and green in the past but to me I think those colours suits my old hairstyle. For my current hair and make-up, I think grey and brown would suit me best!
So don't be surprise if I feature more lenses that are of these colours down the road :) 
I would usually wear grey lenses if I'm wearing heavier make-up, somehow or rather I find that grey lenses would complement my eyes when I apply heavier make-up.
If I wear them without I will look very... pale? Hahaha just my take on how the colours work for me ;)

The more you buy, the cheaper it is :)

1 Pair = $9.20 per pair (230baht)
2 Pairs = $8.00 per pair (200 baht)
3 Pairs = $7.20 per pair (180 baht)
5 Pairs = $6.80 per pair (170 baht)
10 Pairs = $6.40 per pair (160 baht)

*an exclusive offer for my readers*
Quote "ponypony" in your order and state that you're reader to receive
a free set of contact lens case along with your order! 

- Facebook page (Dazzle Me Contact Lens)
- Email, ( )
or - LINE (LINE ID: pan0802, nawisa)
If you don't have line, just drop them a facebook message or email to order! 

Visit their store in Platinum Mall:
Room 441, Oxford 2, 2nd floor, Platinum Fashion Mall, Bangkok, Thailand 10400
Aside from lenses, the sisters behind DazzleMeLens have their own optical store as well!
(yes they are legit opticians!!!) and while I was in Bangkok in June I actually popped by their store, WSOPTICS, to get my optical glasses done!!! :)
So happy as it was about time since my old pair is really worn out and.... spoilt, lol. 
Just like an optical store, expect to find tons of frames available for everyone, depending on yourself, I'm sure you will be able to find a design that suits your face :)

The frames are priced from 600THB (~ SGD$24) and with each frame you can match it with lenses
from various brands such as (Hoya, Essilor, Nikon etc.)
For my glasses, I chose the Hoya Stellify 1.55 Blue Control lenses : 1,200 Baht (~48 SG$)
HOYA BlueControl is a coating that neutralises the blue light emitted by digital screens, preventing eye fatigue and eye strain. Additional benefits are:
• Reduction of glare
• Enhanced contrast
This keeps the eyes in better condition whilst offering more comfortable and relaxed vision and a more natural colour perception.
Hence for people like me who spend hours infront of a computer screen, the Hoya Blue Control Lenses would be perfect as they help protect my eyes as well :) 
1. Choose the frame you like from
- Instagram : @wsoptics
2. Inform your eye prescription and pupillary distance (PD)

It takes about a day for your glasses to be done, except for RX Lens 
(Ex. Lens that have very high sphere and cylinder) which will take about 5-7 working days.

*an exclusive offer for my readers*
Quote "pony-wsoptics" in your order and state that you're reader to receive
a free pair of daily contact lens along with your order! 

 - 2 types of shipping (by air). A tracking number is available for both shipping.
1) EMS (reach SG within 2-3 working days): total shipping cost will be 550 baht (~22 SG$)
2) Registered (reach SG within 7-8 working days): total shipping cost will be 250 baht (~10 SG$)
OR if you happen to be in Bangkok, you can always pop by their optical store for a visit! 
You can get your eyes checked and purchase your glasses at the same time,
How to go to Dr.Wisin Optics (WSoptics)
1. MRT Samyan (Exit2) : Walk across Phayathai Road and turn right about 200 meters, 
then turn left at Chula 42 Rd. Walk about 50 meters and turn left at Soi Chula 15(5). 
You will see 7-11 at this corner and Dr.Wisin Optics (WSoptics) will be one your right hand side
2. Taxi (Map is provided below)
Address: Room S33, U-Center 1 Building, Soi Chula 15(5), Chula 42 Road, Wangmai, 
Prathumwan, Bangkok 10330, Thailand

Got to collect the glasses on that day and I have been wearing it since!

A major and ginormous thank you to the sisters of DazzleMeLens and Wsoptics for taking care
of my eyes and helping me to see better everyday (literally) hahaha 
WSoptics Facebook : x