August 20, 2014


Today I will be sharing with you guys one of my new found addiction- Cold Pressed Juices!
I have always been a fan of fruit juices, if I'm out and I have to get something to drink, it would either be water or (if available) fresh juice :) 
Not a huge fan of soft drinks so if I get to pick it would be juice anytime! 

However, juices sold from the normal stores you find everywhere are mostly made with a centrifugal juicer. A Centrifugal juicer uses blades that spins at more than 3000rounds/min which generates lots of heat that ends up destroying all vitamins and minerals.. bummer zzz :(
So how can we enjoy a nice glass of juice yet reap the benefits and vitamins from the fruits/veggies
without getting them destroyed? Here's where ELIXIR JUICE SG comes in! 

ELIXIR JUICE SG supplies a variety of freshly made cold pressed juice made with hydraulic pressed juicer to extract juices from fruits and vegetables. Retention of vitamins and minerals are 
more than 400% when using hydraulic power to "sqeeeze" 
the juices out as compared to a centrifugal juicer.
Juices are made after your order is taken and delivered fresh so you don't have to worry about them being pre-pressed or delivered stale. So here are my juices which were being delivered to me! 

Right now there are 32 types of juices to choose from on ELIXIR JUICE SG, all made out from a combination of fruits and vegetables. These juices were developed to serve as a rich source of nutrients
and to compliment your daily meals. 
In fact, you can drink it with your meals or have it as a meal itself!
There is a minimum order of 6 bottles so you can customize your juice package from the list of juices available on the site. For my package I had the,
(from left) x2 Princess Elixir, Pomegranate, x2 Breakfast Fruit Buffet and Weight Shifter 
I was so happy to receive them for myself as well as to share with my family as they love juices too!!!

There are in fact, many benefits from drinking these cold pressed juices...
What I love about the juices on ELIXIR JUICE SG are that it fits into an everyday lifestyle so well! 
Unlike other juices we find out there which has programmes/detox programmes, the benefits from these programmes are only temporary. However to enjoy the long term benefits from these juices, it's good to drink them on a regular basis! Thankfully the juices from ELIXIR JUICE SG are very reasonably priced hence drinking them regularly wouldn't burn a hole in your pocket on the long run ;)
 Here's me trying out my first bottle of ELIXIR JUICE SG - Breakfast Fruit Buffet
This juice contains: Orange, Blueberries, Banana and Lime
"It is commonly said that good things comes in small packages. This is especially true for Breakfast Fruit Buffet as it is packed with the rich benefits of Blueberries, Oranges, Lime and Banana. Blueberries is known to contain more antioxidants than any other fresh fruits. These neutralizes free radicals which are introduced into the body through exposure to smoke, toxins and pesticides, thereby boosting the immune system. Taking a glass of Breakfast Fruit is necessary for the general well-being of the body, revitalizing you, keeping you refreshed all day long"
 At first taste it was a little citrusy, after a few more sips I could taste the blueberries followed by a little hint of banana. I had it chilled so it was a really nice and refreshing drink to have in the morning!
Also, I could have this entire bottle for breakfast alone as 1 bottle was enough to fill me up and yet provide me with tons of nutrients to start my day off with :) 

Of course you don't have to have this for breakfast alone, you can enjoy a glass of it with your meal and drink the rest later in the afternoon! 
 Here's a close up of the juice where you can see the bits and pieces of fruits! 
The texture is unlike the normal juice, it's slightly thick (like a smoothie) yet healthy, after one glass I truly am in love with this juice!!!
I like how just one bottle is sufficient for me and easy to carry around so I can just
pop it in my bag if I'm heading out and enjoy my juice while I'm running errands! :)

Here's something great for you readersELIXIR JUICE SG is glad to offer a $4 gift-card for
those of you reading this so remember to quote " $4giftcardelixir " and enjoy this little discount
while purchasing! :)

I would truly recommend you guys to give ELIXIR JUICE SG a shot as I am truly hooked!
For more details do check out WWW.ELIXIRJUICESG.COM