August 15, 2014


So I am back with a second review of my Samsung S5 LTE 
It's been about about a month and a half since I've switched to the Samsung S5 and so far I have to say that the phone is living up to expectations! I have managed to explore further into some of the apps and functions that have helped me enjoy this phone to the fullest :)

The first main function which I felt has helped me COUNTLESS of times would be the 
Ultra Power Saving Mode!

what the Ultra Power Saving mode does is that the entire screen will turn into greyscale and limits you to access to use up to 6 apps.
This helps conserve the battery life until you find the nearest charging point!

Another feature that I am thankful for on the Samsung S5 would be that it is... WATER RESISTANT!
For those who didn't know, before I had the Samsung S5, I kinda dropped my previous phone into the toilet and it died on me since then.
Now with the GALAXY S5 LTE, if such an accident were to happen again, I can be thankful that my phone is water resistant :) 
The Samsung S5 also features Fingerprint Security so for those who think a passcode is not sufficient enough to keep your phone secure, you can always opt for the fingerprint security feature which works with you swiping down on the home button!

Next up would be for the fitness junkies, with the S Health app on the Samsung S5 LTE,

you can rely on this app for real time fitness coaching as well as trying out several exercise mode
all within your phone! Not to mention, the phone has a built-in heart rate sensor which you can use to
measure your heart rate while exercising :)

All you have to do is place your finger on the sensor located at the back of the phone and let the sensor do it's job!

After capturing your heart-rate, you can use it as a gauge while working out!

Aside from the S-Health, we have the Samsung Gear-Fit!
The Gear-Fit is basically a device which works as an extension of the Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE that you wear on your wrist .
It can receive incoming calls, texts, emails all through the device without having to hold the phone in your hand! For the fitness enthusiasts, you can also use the Gear-Fit while working out to calculate your heart-rate, distance travelled as well as your calorie-intake :)

It also doubles up as a watch with interchangeable home-screen display and wrist bands!
I also love that the Gear Fit is water and dust resistant, just like the Samsung GALAXY S5 LTE

There is just too many things I can do with this little device! :)

So far I am pretty please with my experience on the Samsung S5 LTE! The part of the phone for me will always be the huge screen for my to watch my k-dramas on! Definitely a great and wonderful experience for me so far :)
I also love that with the Download Booster,, I can download my files and videos using Wi-Fi and LTE
simultaneously at 80-90% faster than just using either one alone!

Definitely a great experience for me so far! :)

I'm so glad I gave this phone a try!

For those who're keen to try and see the phone for yourself, pop by any mobile phone store and try it,
I'm sure you guys will love it too!

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