August 27, 2014


I am happy to say that this year I have received the first tablet ever in my life!
And I couldn't be more thankful to Samsung for giving me the opportunity to experience the Samsung Galaxy Tab S :) 
As a movie fanatic, I have always wanted a tablet to enhance my movie watching experiences so it was always on my list to own a tablet where I could load all my movies and catch them on the go.
Not forgetting how I love travelling, having a tablet would make my trip much easier as now I don't have to lug my laptop around with me!
Out of 2 sizes, (8.4”/10.5”) I picked the 8.4" Titanium Bronze LTE set.
I like that it is portrait orientated and looks just like a bigger version of my phone!

One of the main features that caught my eye first was the ultra slim and sleek design of the tablet, 
this means bringing it around won't be an issue as it's really light and easy to fit into most of my bags
 The next key feature would be one that completely bought me over;
 it's the Super AMOLED Display that the Samsung GALAXY Tab S is equipped with.

With the Super AMOLED Display, you can expect to view visuals with richer colours and deeper contrasts. 
Especially with HD videos, the visuals have never been clearer to me... ever!
I remember downloading my first movie in HD and boasting about the colours to Jackson and I kept going:
"It's damn clear right!?!? Just look at the colours and how clear everything is!"
The first HD movie I downloaded on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S is Divergent! Check out how clear the quality and visuals are :) 
Another feature would be the Adaptive Display. The adaptive display feature automatically adjusts the colour gamut, sharpness, and contrast according to your environment and usage. So for example, if you switch from browsing an e-book to a movie, the screen will readjust its colours and brightness accordingly! There are 3 screen modes that let you choose amongst 
AMOLED Photo, AMOLED Cinema and Basic Mode 

So far I have been taking advantage of the huge screen to browse Facebook, Youtube as well as Instagram and I have to admit that the experience is soooo different from using the phone! Everything seems bigger, brighter and clearer :) 
I can't wait to further explore more of the functions on the Samsung GALAXY Tab S, for all Samsung phone users... do keep out for another function which I will feature in the next post where I go in-depth to some of my favourite apps and functions! 

At the meantime, do pop by any of the Samsung stores to try out the GALAXY Tab S for yourself!

If you're looking for a tablet, you might want to give this device a try :)

FREE Samsung Book Cover worth $78# / $98^ with every purchase of GALAXY Tab S.  Valid while stocks last.
# For purchase of GALAXY Tab S (8.4”)
^ For purchase of GALAXY Tab S (10.5”)

Retail Price:
GALAXY Tab S (8.4”) LTE: SGD 698
GALAXY Tab S (8.4”) Wi-Fi®: SGD 598
GALAXY Tab S (10.5”) LTE: SGD 948 
GALAXY Tab S (10.5”) Wi-Fi®: SGD 848

Colours Available: Dazzling White & Titanium Bronze

If you’re interested to find out more about the Samsung GALAXY Tab S and their great deals, visit