September 30, 2014


I'm back with another favourite lens of the month and this time I will be featuring : Cocoro Brown! 
I've featured the Cocoro Grey before and I can say that this model has official joined my list of top favourite lenses from DazzleMeLens!
I've been wearing mostly brown lenses for the month of Aug-Sept, and I liked the Cocoro most since it's really natural yet defines your eyes a really nice way. I tend to wear this with lighter/or no eye-makeup (I wore heavier makeup for this post tho haha) I can say this is slightly enlarging but it doesn't show in an obvious way so for those of you who are uncomfortable in wearing contacts that gives your overly-enlarges irises :) 
For those who are new to my lens post, DazzleMeLens is my current lens sponsor and before that I have been an avid customer from their store in Platinum and I super loveeeeee their lenses!

The more you buy, the cheaper it is :)
1 Pair = $9.20 per pair (230baht)
2 Pairs = $8.00 per pair (200 baht)
3 Pairs = $7.20 per pair (180 baht)
5 Pairs = $6.80 per pair (170 baht)
10 Pairs = $6.40 per pair (160 baht)

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Quote "ponypony" in your order and state that you're reader to receive
a free set of contact lens case along with your order! 

- Facebook page (Dazzle Me Contact Lens)
- Email, ( )
or - LINE (LINE ID: pan0802, nawisa)
If you don't have line, just drop them a facebook message or email to order! 

Visit their store in Platinum Mall:
Room 441, Oxford 2, 2nd floor, Platinum Fashion Mall, Bangkok, Thailand 10400

To read my preview reviews of other lens models from DazzleMeLens, check it out here > DAZZLEMELENS

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