September 8, 2014


So it's finally time to share my 3rd experience that I've recently had with BottomSlim! 
For those who're keen to read up on my past 2 experiences you can find them HERE and HERE 

For my previous sessions, I felt that BottomSlim has indeed listened to my worries towards my problem areas and helped treat them as accordingly! I have managed to witness results just after one session and I'm happy to say that I got to leave BottomSlim which much toner and firmer thighs and bum ;) Of course in maintain good results, a healthy diet and lifestyle is much needed to continue seeing progress! This time I was looking forward to my session again as I needed help with firming my lower body again!
For most of you I'm sure the name BottomSlim would ring a bell :)
BottomSlim is a pioneer and specializes in Lower Body Slimming, I'm sure many of us struggle with issues concerning to our lower body. Be it your tummy, thighs, buttocks or calves... as long as those areas are of concern, here's where BottomSlim steps in! 

BottomSlim was also the trusted lower body slimming salon and main presenter of Star Awards 2014.
One common problem that females are facing, an disproportionate body –  
might be due to long hours sitting in front of computer because of work. 
Other issues could be cellulite or stretch marks even though they may not be big in size :(

As for myself, I've managed to lose some weight recently (thanks to dengue lol) so as compared to my 2 previous sessions at BottomSlim, this session would be me at my "skinniest" 
I didn't have that much of a concern for my tummy anymore, 
this time it was just my upper thighs that I would to get worked on!
It's been awhile since I last went for a workout so most of my muscles have shrunk, leading to really "jiggly" and "wobbly" thighs hahahahaha, so this time I requested for them to help tone and lift up my thigh as well as buttock areas :) 

As a standard procedure to all visits at BottomSlim, I had a pre-evaluation with a specialist who would help analyse my body/diet/exercise regime before coming up with a customised treatment that's made to target my areas of concern. So do remember that not every one of us will go through the same treatments as we all have our different areas of concern! 
After the analysis, I got my weight/BMI taken before being ushered to the room my treatments!

1. Signature Tummy, Hip and Thighs Trimmer

 - Shapes and trims away unwanted bulges at difficult to lose areas (tummy, hip, thighs)
- relieves water retention
- tones and shapes up body area
- detoxification
- improves overall circulation
- increase metabolism
I guess this treatment would be one that I have done on all 3 sessions! Basically short electrical impulses are sent through the problem and stubborn areas! I don't find it painful or anything, on a good note it actually feels rather relaxing!

2. Pro-Sonic (Back thighs and butt) for firming
 - breaks down stubborn fats into smaller pockets for easier dispersion
- breaks down bulges accumulated over prolonged sitting poor posture
- improve skin texture - smoother and firmer
- reduces appearance of cellulite
- lightens stretch marks and scars
- tones and lifts sagging muscles for better definition : perkier butt!
- promotes overall circulation and boosts metabolism
- boosts lymphatic drainage, lessens lethargy!
This is my first time doing the Pro-Sonic treatment and can I say I love this treatment the most!!! All I have to do is lie back while my specialist kneads into my thighs to help break down fats and reduce the appearance of cellulites! The device feels slightly cold yet therapeutic so it feels like getting a nice massage session while.... achieving nice legs ;)

I really LOVE my treatments this time, compared to my previous 2 visits. I had 2 treatments instead of 3 (secretly happy because maybe I had more issues to work on before hehe)
and both treatments were painless+ relaxing which I really liked! 
It was truly an amazing experience once again with BottomSlim :)
After the treatment I could see that my thighs and buttocks have truly firmed up 
(true evidence from pictures!!!) Can't post them as it would mean baring my bottoms to public :/
I would highly recommend giving BottomSlim a shot if you're looking to help target problems associated to your lower body, especially if you're dealing with really stubborn areas! This applies to skinny individuals too!
At BottomSlim you can try alternatives to help break down these stubborn areas resulting in better results and overtime even, weight loss!

Here’s also another before/after results of BottomSlim’s customer:
It was a pleasure to have my specialist, Ting Ting help me throughout my session! She was really nice and attentive to my needs, asking me every now and then if I needed a blanket, or if I was in pain etc.. Of course I wasn't but it's such good service that makes the treatment even more memorable! :)

A huge thank you to BottomSlim and their wonderful staff for their service and the treatment and to helping me achieve slender and nicer looking legs x

I was also given Nano X Plus gel & Nano Firm Gel
-Fight against sagging and improve skin elasticity
-Makes skin tighter and firmer
-Gives a youthful & healthy looking skin
-Aids in hydrating
-Burns fatty tissues

If you're keen to try out the treatments at BottomSlim, they are extending an invitation to my readers for a 5x Signature Tummy, Hip and Thighs Trimmer + Pro-Sonic Treatment worth $998 is yours when you answer a simple question below! In ADDITION: first 20 Readers will be entitled to get 150ml Nano Slimming Gel worth $580

Terms and Conditions to apply:
·       Females above 18 years old and above only
·       Strictly by appointment only.

·       Promotion valid for 2 months

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For more information you can always visit BOTTOMSLIM or call 63632525
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