September 7, 2014


Remember how I was just complaining about how my hair grew so quickly over a period of a month or so and just last week I figured that I needed a haircut asap. Thankfully, Salon Vim was able to slot me in at the very last minute (as my stylist- Weng) will be on leave for a while after so I'm so glad I managed to catch him on time! 
What was supposed to be a quick haircut turned into a new color+cut+10min treatment cos it was in the evening and I was pressed for time, so glad I managed to do all 3 to ensure my hair is nice, soft and healthy again :) Super in love with my hair cut and as my hair is growing longer hence I can have evened out tresses soon :) For those who didn't know, after my purple+pink hair my hair kept breaking which led to super short and layered looking hair, I had to visit Salon Vim 4x a month just to get it treated and healthy again. 

Needless to say, my hair wouldn't have been able to look this pretty without them! Thank You again to Salon Vim for this's quick 'makeover'
If you're keen to pop by and have your hair done, feel free to call and book an appointment, and if you want the same stylist as me do remember that Weng is situated at the Bugis outlet :) 
235 Victoria Street, Bugis Village, S(188027)

313 Somerset, Orchard Rd #04-07/08/09
Singapore 238895
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