October 12, 2014


Hey guys, so I'm back with another skincare review and this one is for none other than... Clarisonic!
 For those who've been following my blog for the past 2 years or so you might have seen a few mentions of the Clarisonic here and there and how much I am in love with the Clarisonic device!
Initially I was using the Mia 2 (which is perfect for traveling) and finally I have gotten an upgrade to the Clarisonic Plus all thanks to the team at Clarisonic SG :) 

So why exactly am I soooo in love with the Clarisonic brushes? 

The Clarisonic is a skin cleansing system which uses sonic frequency technology to cleanse your skin better and throughly. These gentle frequency sonic massage waves helps cleanses 6x better than manual cleansing without damaging the skin surface!
This is true as before I've discovered the Clarisonic, I was using one of my favourite makeup remover wipes and it did remove all my makeup, so I have always wiped down my face till I see no traces of makeup on the wipes and have always assumed that my skin was clean. However after laying hands on the Clarisonic, I realized that there was still makeup stuck on my skin as it showed from the foam on my brush head.. (even after using my makeup wipes) So just imagine all along I was sleeping with that thin layer of makeup that I couldn't seem to remove even with such a good makeup remover.... :/ 
What I also love about the Clarisonic system is that it helps reduce the appearance of large pores and an oily complexion! With through cleansing, there will be less pores that will be clogged resulting in smaller and less visible pores. With smaller pores, sebum secretion will definitely decrease too so it's always good to ensure that your pores are clean daily! With the Clarisonic system, it helps to exfoliate your skin so gently to remove all residues leaving you with clean and smooth baby skin :) 
I cannot emphasize on how much the Clarisonic System have helped my skin over the years and I will definitely recommend this to everyone out there! If you're a friend of mine you probably would have heard me raving about the brush to you already, hahahah! 
Together with the Clarisonic Plus, I was sent to try out their latest range of products, the Deep Pore Replenishment Kit. Yes Clarisonic does carry a range of skincare products as well and these products are meant to compliment the system and work to it's optimum for your skin. 
This kit consists of a Deep Pore Daily Cleanser, Deep Pore Decongesting Mask and a Deep Pore Brush Head.
So basically what this kit does is that it's a 2-Step cleansing treatment that it combines the Clarisonic System and their advanced skincare to combat and treat pore congestion! Pores beware!
It is a cleansing routine that you incorporate into your skincare regime 1-2x a week and within one session pore appearance is reduced by 25% , 94% of dirt, oil and excess sebum is removed! I personally have tried this and love using this on my skin on the day where I feel that my skin needs a good cleanse / pick me up! Do note that in order to use the brush in the replenishment kit, you'll need a Clarisonic system :)
With every use of the Clarisonic System, my skin is always ready for absorbing the products that I follow up with after, that way my skin can reap the full benefits of my products and be treated to all it's goodness!
Now here's a special treat to my readers, Clarisonic SG would like to share the goodness of the Clarisonic System to you guys so they are giving away 3 sets of the Limited Edition MIA2 Systems!
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