December 11, 2014


Spent my Wednesday with my family at my Aunt's Solemization and Dinner Party! Helped to snap pics for the day so I'm gonna have quite abit of pictures to edit of the week, here are just some picture I thought I'd share :) 
Lately it seems like everyone around me is getting married?? Haha is it like peak season or what? Nevertheless I'm so happy for everyone! Finally it's time to start a new chapter of your lives together as one X 
 It was my first time witnessing a solemization in the Registry of Marriage, definitely going to remember this day!
 Mummy and Daddy!
We had dinner till late by the beach after, it was such a simple yet lovely event. Makes me realize that one doesn't have to go through extravagant measures to get married, as long as you have your closest people next to you, as well as the love of your life.... everything else pretty much falls into place. What more can we ask for?