January 1, 2015


To usher in the New Year,  I have decided to share with you guys this new treatment that I did just a few weeks ago which had made me so glad I did it and improved my confidence in - Smiling! :) 

So before I jump into my post, let me just share a fact about me which I doubt I've ever mentioned here on my blog before. I have always had an insecurity about my teeth, first being the shape of them and secondly the colour of my teeth. I have to admit that I don't exactly have a nice set of pearly whites which is one of the main reasons why I don't smile with teeth! If you've noticed in 99.9% of my pictures even from way back when I started blogging, I have hardly ever smiled with my teeth haha. 
I hate that they are yellow and stained from drinking tea almost everyday, I can't help that I love my tea so it also explains why my teeth is yellow :( I have tried getting teeth whitening kits but they don't seem to work on me so all these while I have pretty much resented to my fate with yellow teeth :/
 It wasn't until I found my answer with Lush Aesthetics! Lush Aesthetics is a medical clinic specializing in aesthetic treatments ranging from head to toe and one of their known treatment is the Led Teeth Whitening Treatment. Our teeth suffers discolorations from various factors – aging, smoking, coffee stains, wine stains and medication. 
The LED Teeth Whitening brightens and lightens your teeth dramatically in less than an hour.
After making an appointment to drop by and try out my first session, I honestly was super excited as I couldn't imagine myself with whiter teeth!

To start off the treatment I had a short consultation and analysis on my teeth, I had to admit that I was a big fan of black tea
(which was the main reason why my teeth were so stained) and how white I wanted to or can achieve after my session. 
 I got to compare my teeth and see which shade it closely resembles to so that a difference can be gauged after the treatment has ended. Embarassing to say my teeth fell within the ones at the back... (last being the yellowest, haha) and at that moment I was so determined and looking forward to at least see them fall within a lighter shade after my session! 
So yes, as you can see (above) that is the true color of my teeth before. I was ushered into a cosy treatment room where I was to go through 2X sessions, 20 minute each of Led Whitening treatment.
 The LED Whitening technology at Lush Aesthetics uses a non-peroxide gel which gives a painless yet effective solution for whiter teeth. It's true when they say painless as the entire process was literally, pain-free! The only uncomfortable part was only being my mouth has to be wide open for 40 minutes and that's about all! The LED Teeth Whitening system is also suitable for people with sensitive teeth. It is safe and effective with no damage to teeth enamel or structure

 Just lie back, relax and let the technology do the work :) 
The process involves applying a non-peroxide whitening gel on your teeth. Subsequently, the LED light will activate the whitening gel which would then whiten and brighten your teeth. The upper and lower teeth are treated at the same time. No heat, no needles, and no drills are used during the procedure.
40 minutes later...
I was amazed to see how much lighter my teeth has gotten, 8 shades lighter to be exact! I was literally doing cartwheels inside and couldn't contain my excitement hahaha :)
 Here's a side by side comparison!
Say hello to my new set of whiter teeth! According to the chart I could still achieve even whiter teeth but that will work with a few more sessions so it really depends on your expectations for how white your want your set of teeth to be! For me, I'm really happy with how much it has lightened but if I possible, I definitely would want to achieve better ;) 

I was also informed of the possible side-effects that could come after the treatment, such as increased sensitivity when drink cold water and white spots on teeth (these happens only for a few days) so that was perfectly okay for me! The effect of the treatment is long lasting and with proper care will last for a long time, I now will remember to brush my teeth after drinking tea so it will not stain my teeth again! 
I can say I definitely feel more confident with smiling and showing my teeth after doing treatment! Here's a photo on the same day at Zoukout and I'm so happy to be able to smile with my teeth, just look at how white they are!!! *grins*
Thank You Lush Aesthetics for restoring my confidence in smiling with teeth again without having to worry about them looking stained and yellow!

Lush Aesthetics is currently running a promotion for the Led Teeth Whitening service, so here's sharing with you the details of their promotion: http://lushaesthetics.com.sg/facebook-teeth-whitening.html
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For more details, feel free to check out Lush Aesthetics on the website and Facebook page :)

Facebook: Lush Aesthetics
Instagram: @lushaesthetics
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