January 28, 2015


January hasn't exactly been very good to me... considering it the first month of 2015, it has been a bitch so far. LOL. Nevertheless I have my closest group of sisters with me to shake off all negativity (temporarily) each week and I cannot be more thankful~ Looking at these pictures, I think it's time I find a camera with a better flash function that doesn't turn me/us into a noseless Voldemort in every shot ZZZ. Also... I got to admit that procrastination have also played a huge part in the lack of blog posts, seriously got to do something about that. I have been meaning for a video to be up this month but I keep forgetting to get a new memory card, sigh. FINGERS CROSSED that I get it by this week and hopefully have a new video before the month ends! I have quite a bit planned up for this so hopefully I get my drive back again and look forward to a better February! XXX