January 5, 2015


So I've been wanting to blog about this for the longest time but I've been procrastinating (as usual) since that's one my of worst bad habits.. lol and secondly, reason being I wanted to make sure it was the results that I had expected and gotten before sharing it with you guys so at least I am able to support what I am about to blog about :) 

*disclaimer: This is going to be a super long and wordy post on my skin and the problems I have faced with it from when I suffered one of the worst outbreaks of my life. My apologies for the verbal diarrhoea, I just want to be as clear and detailed as possible! Don't mind me hehe*

I'm not sure if some of you realised but I don't exactly have the most perfect skin, in fact just about a year +++ ago, I had the worst breakout and I can honestly swear it was one of the shittiest period of my life. I didn't want to look at myself in the mirror or even apply any make up to go out, I just wanted to stay home and cry. I honestly felt super sad about my skin and I couldn't help but feel ugly and gross. If you think I'm exaggerating, here are 2 examples of how bad my skin was then:
(kindly mouse-over to see, don't want to scare anyone with such scary pictures haha)

*btw the round circle stuff on my face in the first pic is the NexCare Acne patch hahahahahahahaha
So yes, during that time I felt like a was battling a crisis as I have never had such bad skin before! It definitely wasn't puberty as I think I'm already quite 'pubertized' LOL if such a word existed. However during that period I actually did switch out my products for an entirely new range of products from a previous clinic. I won't go into detail why but yes, I was told the products would help make my skin better and nicer but sadly, it didn't. I guess my skin just wasn't suited for their products so it just went cray-cray on me and honestly it wasn't nice at all :(

Weird to say was, after I decided to stop the 'new' range of products and went back to the ones I have been using previously, my skin got SLIGHTLY better. It wasn't as red and inflamed, I still had breakouts but it was so much better than before with the old products. After I tried my best to salvage what's left of my complexion, I was left with pigmentation, really dark scarring and pimples that wouldn't seem to go away *sigh*

Came the beginning of last year when I decided to try out another clinic and started my journey with Trinity. For reference you can still read my very first post here : Trinity Medical Centre

If you have seen that post you can see that my skin is pretty much - Shit... still. I had tons of scarring from the breakout and I honestly didn't have much hope to how my skin can be better. I met Dr. Kan and Dr. Lim, both who are doctors at Trinity and I told them that my main concerns were the scars and dark spots I had all over my face and I would really want to just get rid of them plus control my breakouts. I was pretty happy that I didn't have to use any new products (THANK GOD!!!) and embarked on a year long of laser treatments to help treat my skin. The 2 lasers that I did were mainly the Rejuvenating Laser, and the Carbon Laser Peel.
I personally prefer the Carbon Laser peel as it targets fine wrinkles, smoothen superficial acne scars, brighten the complexion, and improve skin texture and tone. All within a few minutes and almost no pain at all! The Carbon Laser peel costs $1680 for 6 sessions and one is required to do it every 2-4 weeks depending on the skin condition. As for my case, once a month/ every 3-4 weeks!
This is what a typical laser session looks like. To be honest I didn't snap pictures of EVERY single one of my treatment as I felt there wasn't much to show. Every session looked like this and it's not like there's an immediate difference after a session. I tried to go religiously every month as I really wanted to see results and it never occurred to me how much my skin has improved within a year until now when I look back at how my skin was before I started my treatments at Trinity!

Now looking back I can say that I'm SUPER THANKFUL with both Dr. Kan and Dr. Lim for helping me achieve better skin. It's not perfect, and not because the treatments weren't effective... but because I still get occasional pimples here and there especially when it's nearing my period and my itchy hands will pick on them until they get red and.... inflamed... yea you get my drift.
Above are some pictures taken at my last-recent session at Trinity! All are bare faced and non-edited (except for tone and brightness) but you can see that I am free of angry and red zits! Not to mention most of the dark spots have faded quite a bit, there is still a very faint patch of dark spots left to work on but it's not as obvious as it previously was anymore :) Now every month I look forward to my sessions to combat and hopefully get a better and clearer complexion in time to come!

Oh by the way... I got Dysport Jaw done again at my previous visit (hehe) Can't deny that I love the result of it on my jaw, how it helped to make my jaw look tighter and smaller!!!
I will go into details for Dysport and the Lasers in my next post so if you enjoyed this post just look out for the next! :)

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