February 5, 2015


Hello my fellow readers, today I'm back with a new review on a new gadget... it is none other than the Samsung GALAXY Note 4 4G+! I was previously using the Samsung GALAXY S5 LTE and for those who would like to read my previous posts on the phone you can read it here . I had an amazing experience with the GALAXY S5 LE and for me to be able to receive the Samsung GALAXY Note 4 4G+, I was pretty excited to check it out and see what are the new and additional features that would impress me! This will be a rather lengthy post as I would like to share as many functions as I can from this phone especially my favorite ones, so I hope you enjoy it!
Weighing only 176g and coming in at 8.5mm thick, this gadget is reallysleek and lightweight, I couldn't believe it when I first held it. Despite being slightly longer than the Samsung GALAXY S5 LTE, the thickness of the phone didn't make it seem any bulkier or whatsoever which is what I loved
about it. Not forgetting the 'leather-like' texture of the casing behind which gives it a more luxurious look as well as a better grip.
Of course with any Samsung device, comes it's amazing display. I can honestly say that there’s never been once where I was disappointed by the clear visuals emanated from my phones.  With a 5.7" Quad HD SUPER  AMOLED Display, expect to enjoy an array of brilliant colors and sharp details ensuring that you get the best visual experience!
Watching movies and streaming my Youtube videos has never been a better experience :)

With the Samsung Note 4 4G, comes the Next generation S Pen.
 It was my first time and experience with the S-Pen and boy was I blown away by all the uses this tiny pen could do with my phone! For one of the simplest tricks I can do with the S Pen would be to use it Like a Mouse. I can drag and select files with it, or even highlight texts to copy/paste easily without worry about messing that up with my fat fingers.... or long nails. Haha
Then comes Smart Select, another feature that works well with the S-Pen which I thought was super useful. You know how we tend to screenshot information we see to share them with friends or keep as reference? With Smart-Select all we have to do is crop out the portion that we like/need and save it into our Clipboard, from there we can choose to share it online, email it or keep it for future reference! No more having to screenshot chucks of information that we don't need :)

Next, my most impressed feature on the Samsung GALAXY Note 4 4G+ - Photo Note.

This will be one function that I wished was made available while I was schooling years ago! What Photo Note does is that you can take a picture of notes/diagrams on a wall or a whiteboard, then convert it into a digital file and edit from your phone!

You can edit the font, colors and erase the notes that you don't need! How amazing is that?!
Forget about markers and pens when everything can be done digitally now with Photo Note! Aside from notes, you can also make digital cards for birthdays/anniversary and send it directly from your phone too! It's literally getting almost every job done with the Samsung GALAXY Note 4 4G.

In every smartphone we know what the most important function of the phone is... no doubt it's the camera! The Samsung GALAXY Note 4 4G is equipped with Smart OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) which makes taking pictures under low light possible. I know how we all love taking food pictures and sometimes it can get pretty dim at a restaurant, with the Smart OIS we now don't have to worry about shaky or blurry photos!

Another new function from the camera would be the 3.7MP front camera now equipped with brighter lens (F1.9) , who doesn't love a good selfie camera? Especially when it has a beauty filter already built-in to the phone, we can all take chio selfies!!!
And speaking of selfies... there is now a Wide Selfie functions which allows for a 120° wide-angle shot of you and all your friends in a single picture, no need for additional clip-on lenses or selfie sticks anymore! Look at the amount of people who could fit into one single shot in my Christmas selfie :)))

The GALAXY Note 4 4G+ also comes with the GALAXY Life app thatgives you exciting privileges. For example, you can enjoy a FREE scoop of Ben &  Jerry’s ice cream from VivoCity! No purchase required. Just show this promotion listed in the app to the staff!

On a more technical side, the Samsung GALAXY Note 4 4G+ supports up to 300Mbps of download speed. Equipped with LTE Cat. 6 connectivity (2x the speed of LTE Cat 4 - used in other phones) this makes browsing and content download one of the fastest in the market at ½ the time! I was really impressed with this as it is true with the browsing speed... surfing the net on the GALAXY Note 4 4G+ can sometimes be faster than on the computer at home! I like that the battery life can last me an entire day even with maximal usage (listening to music, playing games) I keep raving about it's amazing battery life to my friends especially when their phones are about to hit 0% , I will be like "I have been out the entire day and look my battery is still nowhere near flat *grins" #evilbutthetruth

Next up I will come to the lovely companion of the Samsung Note 4 4G, the Samsung Gear S.
Previously I have introduced the Gear Fit which came along with my GALAXY S5 LTE, now with similar functions,  the Samsung Gear S has even more features and is basically a 'mini phone, away from your phone" I like that the new Gear S is innovative yet chic at the same time, it isn't always easy to find a gadget that is useful yet compliments your outfit... usually such gadgets are very boring looking but I'm impressed with how the Gear S is suited to look stylish! 
Supporting 3G, Wi-fi and Bluetooth connectivity, You can now make/receive calls and messages even when away from your phone. Yes, there is a built-in keyboard for you to type out replies! 
Equipped with Smart sensors and GPS you can expect to track your fitness results accurately :)

Within the Gear S, you can now download apps to enhance your everyday life and keep you updated on-the-go! From weather apps, to maps and your music player, there is no need to pull out your phone to check on these little details anymore when you can do so from your Gear S :)
You can also down 3rd party applications and start browsing the web, reading the news and even playing games all within the device. Now there's no need for us to hold our phone in our hands while engaging in these activities from the Gear S!
Overall I really like the Samsung GALAXY Note 4 4G+, especially while catching up with my favourite dramas, the vibrant displays from Samsung never fails to disappoint me. Not forgetting it's fast processing system, everything seems to load really quickly for me! For those who're thinking of getting a new phone I would definitely recommend the Samsung GALAXY Note 4 4G+! It is now out in stores so feel free to head down to any Samsung Experience Stores to try the phone out today!

Additional information:
Samsung GALAXY Note 4 4G+- Retail price: $1088 (without contract) 
Colors available: Frost White, Charcoal Black, Blossom Pink and Bronze Gold 

Samsung Gear S- Retail price: $498 (without contract)
Colors available: Blue Black and White 

For more details on the Samsung GALAXY Note 4 4G+, head over

to http://www.samsung.com/sg/galaxynote4/