February 8, 2015


Received two pieces from SHOP SASSYDREAM which I am really happy to share which you all today! From their SSD Label I picked the Tye Me Up Skorts in Navy and Tabitha Floral Babydoll Dress in Blue (featured below)
Paired it with a simple and casual get-up suited for daily wear, I like how the extra sleeve detailing gives it an illusion that I have tied a top around but I didnt!!! ;)

Next up is something girl-ier, also a style which I love which is the babydoll dress! Also available in Black, I chose Blue just because... it's my lucky color this year (hahahaahahaha) 
Can't deny that I'm in love with the prints on this dress! If you're a fan of babydoll dresses do check SHOP SASSYDREAM out as they have a wide range and variety of them!!! :) 

They have also launched a new collection so do pop by and check them out today! You might also want to do your Chinese New Year shopping with them! X