March 15, 2015


When it comes to popular steamboat/hot pots I'm sure there's only a handful of places we can think of. Most popular being one that requires at least 3 hours of waiting time on peak hours which can get a little frustrating especially when one is hungry.  But fret not... introducing to you my new favourite steamboat restaurant, Hai Xian Lao which I feel deserves a little more limelight for their amazing food and service :)
To be honest this isn't the first time I'm visiting Hai Xian Lao, before this post I've been there a few times and have asked many friends along to try and a few of them have been hooked since. I've  managed to convert them into fans of HXL!
 At Hai Xian Lao you can choose either 1 or 2 soup bases, and offers 7 different soup choices! From Laksa, Ma-la, Chicken, Collagen, Mushroom, Tom yum and Tomato. It is recommended to try their Laksa as well as Collagen! For the ladies who want to be vain yet enjoy your steamboat, the collagen soup is said to promote younger looking skin and hair! How's that for killing 2 birds with 1 stone? 

From the menu there's a wide variety and selection of food for steamboat, seafood as well as ready cooked dishes. I really love that all the meat and seafood is served fresh and at a reasonable portion and price too!
 My favorite pork belly!!! This is a must order for me,
after cooking it in the soup you can definitely taste the rich flavors from the pork, it's so goooood! They do have a decent selection of chicken and beef as well but as I've abstained from beef, I decided to pick pork over chicken! 
Got the mushroom platter because I love me some mushrooms! 
 We had the Chicken and Tomato soup that evening, I find myself picking the tomato soup more often as it gives the food more flavor, definitely something different from what I would usually have!
 Ordered the Dory Fish Slices as well since and I find myself always going back to this as it's really always served fresh so 10 points to fresh fish! :) 
Not sure about you but I'm the biggest fan of the Fish Skin in HXL, I never thought it would be nice since it's... fish skin but after trying it once I was sold!!! It didn't taste like fish at all, perhaps a little more like 'keropok' haha and all you do is dip it in the soup for a few seconds before enjoying it~
Fresh oysters are available too if you're a fan! Served with a squeeze of lemon and tobasco :) 
At Hai Xian Lao they offer air-conditioned as well as al-fresco styled dining. I've always chose to sit outside as I really like the atmosphere of outdoor dining! The restaurant is very elaborated decorated which makes the overall dining ambience and experience very enjoyable :)
 by the way the amount of food we ordered and had was for 3pax, haha Denise was late so we started eating first. But surprisingly enough we managed to finish most of it.... after a 3hour sitting lol.
 Overall it was yet another satisfying experience with Hai Xian Lao! Definitely did enjoy the food as well as the place and no qualms about heading back again soon. I would definitely recommend this place for anyone who wants to get their steamboat hot pot fix. The restaurant is open daily from 11am-5am so if you happen to crave steamboat at 2am, just pop by to fix that craving :) 

Thank you for having us and for the sumptuous meal!!! 

Hai Xian Lao 
8 Wilkie Road, Wilkie Edge  #01-21, Singapore 228095
Opens daily, 11am-5am