April 28, 2015


Got my hair treated at Salon Vim last week and decided to go a few shades lighter! As you all know I have purple highlights on the sides so this time after dying it an ash brown the color faded to pink which isn't done on purpose but yet I love how the pretty the combination looks!!! :) 

For those who're wondering if my hair gets dry/damaged from all the coloring every month.. honestly it does but I make sure to mask my hair as often as I can as well as go for treatments! My favourite and recommended treatment from Salon Vim would be the Arimino Privy Treatment! It makes me hair super soft and smooth after each time and I cannot be happier with managing my hair after :) 
Big thanks and love to Salon Vim for looking after my hair! X
For those who didn't know, Salon Vim is looking for the Face of Salon Vim 2015!
This time they are targeting university students who wants a total makeover and 2 grand prize winners will stand to walk away with 6-month worth of hair sponsorship + total style makeover session (total up to more than S$6,000) 
Have you been struggling with managing your hair? Or have always wanted a change of style but never had the chance for a change? This could be your chance! 
Contest is open until the 30th April'15 so if you would like to find out more check out Salon Vim's Facebook page as well as Instagram for contest details! 

Start posting today and you could just be the lucky winner! Wishing you all the best of luck!