June 9, 2015


Okay so I am finally back with a new post featuring my favourite lenses from the past month! And for this post I will be featuring 2 different models which I've been enjoying so far :)
This brown pair is very much over-worn by me last month as my 'daily' lenses! Compared to the other brown lenses I have worn this is by far one of the most natural pair I have came across. It isn't as light or obvious and if you're someone who loves a subtle and natural brown this model will be perfect for you! The name of this model is Puffy Brown :) 
 As you in see in the close up (above) are 3 tones of brown which makes up this lovely color! 

Next up is a grey pair - Mini Rose Grey from the Dream Color series.
This grey is also something different from some of the grey lenses I have tried in the past, it's more of a darker grey and if you aren't under bright light can look a little like black. Yet again this is another pair which looks extremely natural when worn and might look most obvious only if under light or in pictures taken with a flash! One thing great about this pair is that you can wear this with little or no eye make up at all without making your eyes weird? I feel that some grey lenses (light grey especially) complements eye make up if not the eyes will look very.... empty and "pale" ? If you get my drift >.<
And there you have it! My recommended lenses from the month of May :) I hope these recommendations helped if you are someone who likes wearing coloured contacts yet would prefer something more natural and not too obvious! For more reviews on some of the lenses I have tried feel free to check back on my previous posts on the lenses I have tried so far! 

As always,  a big thank you to Dazzle Me Lens for providing me with my monthly lenses and letting me try and review all these pretty lenses! Do check out their Facebook and Instagram for their wide range of lens designs :) 

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