June 29, 2015


So I realized I probably haven't touched on the topic of nails, or mentioned it for awhile other than my IG and Facebook so I thought today I might do a post on nails! For the longest time I am super thankful to be able to have my nails sponsored by various nail salons and they have all been really good and well to me and in taking care of my nails. For almost a little more than a year or so now I have been with The Nail Artelier and they have done the chio-est nail art and designs and they are all so detailed and skilfully painted on! I have a hashtag on instagram which compiles more of the designs that they have done for me so far under #ponyxthenaliartelier
For the month of June I decided to work around the color Pink! I have very selective colors when it comes to doing my nails... I tend to go back and forth with pink, blue, purple and especially black haha. Came across a marble effect design online and decided that I wanted that for my nails! 
And tadah!!! Here's the end result! Super in love with the results and I can vouch that pictures does the real thing no justice! The marbling effect is done is layers hence it looks really 3D in real life! A huge thank you to Jac who always helps me paint in detail that sometimes I felt bad for choosing that design cos I didn't know it will be that much work! 
If you have a certain nail art design that you would like to have done on your nails I would highly recommend paying a visit to The Nail Artelier! You can check out their IG: @thenailartelier for all the intricate designs that they have done for many customers till date!  

Don't forget to call before you book an appointment as they can get really busy! 
666 North Bridge Rd (62988028)
16 Jalan Masjid, Kembangan Suites, #01-06 (66362886) 
So while we are on the topic of nail art.. Have you ever had problems finding designs or thinking of what to do? Trust me I get that ALOT!!! Here's a tip or two on how I find inspirations or references on which designs I decide to get done each month! 
I don't know about you but I'm a sucker for Japanese nail art! The first place I would browse will be Instagram! I have followed a few Japanese nail parlours and I would click on this particular hashtag that most of them would include in the posts and hat hashtag would looks something like this...
I'm guessing that means "nail art" (correct me if I'm wrong) because then it will bring me to a page filled with neverending pictures of various nail arts where I'm SURE you will find something!!!
The second place I will stalk nail art designs will be via this app "Girl's Pic" which is recommended to me by Ying from TNA and you can find tons of designs here also! Since the app is mostly in Jap, I have screenshot the steps to bring you to the Nail Art page! 
So with 2 simple clicks you can finding yourself browsing nail art heaven!!!! Hehe
And yes there you have it! I hope it helps in a way or another, especially if you are always clueless about what designs to do when you have you nails done! Fret not! I hope you find your next design really quickly the next time now that you'll know where to look! 

Thank you for reading! X