August 12, 2015


So just about a little more than a week ago, I made the most impromptu decision and trip to KL!
Packed my bag on Friday evening in hopes to take a bus on Saturday morning but I fell asleep, woke up at 12pm and hopped onto a 1.30pm bus at Golden Mile. Couldn't believe our plans until we reached the checkpoint hahahaha. This trip was totally random, didn't have a clue what we wanted to do so we just planned out day as it goes by~
The only place I can recognize in KL is probably the Pavilion Mall....To me it was like the Siam Paragon of KL haha.
Ippudo in KL is cheaper there as compared to Singapore so if you're there feel free to pop by for ramen! We tried the mentaiko gyoza and boy it was yummy!!! Not sure if it's permanently on their menu or if it's temporary but nevertheless if you come across it do try it!!!
Caught 2 movies while we were there (oh the movie tickets are really cheap too lol) Mission Impossible 4 as well as Fantastic 4. I can't believe how.... bad... Fantastic 4 was tho, I mean they had a chance to remake an entirely new franchise but it wasn't the least bit fantastic!
Utterly disappointed :(
Got to explore the more kampong areas of KL, honestly I have never been to such places so it was quite interesting to see them! Managed to go to a night market as well (not sure of the location) and there were so much cheap bargains and food!!!!
Okay so call me noob or what but I never knew a Magnum shop existed? Apparently it opened in SG for awhile but I didn't get to chance upon it so...... Full on tourist mode in the shop at KL LOL
I think my customisation was quite boring- Vanilla, White Chocolate, Oreo, Marshmallows and Choco balls. Come to think of it if I were to order again I might just pick the same ingredients because my tastebuds are boring like that hahaha.
Spent a total of about 6 and a half days there before we decided to go back haha. By the way I travelled by coach both ways and it costed me about $30 per trip! Really glad I made the decision to come this time as I was never really a fan of going to KL as I thought it would be the same as being in Singapore but this time going with G made me see a different side of KL and I think I might slowly grow to like the place :D Probably will be making plans to pop by again soon so I can't wait!