August 21, 2015


It has been awhile since I did my last Lens of the Month post and boy am I glad to do another recommendation for this month! For those who have missed my previous lenses review from DazzleMeLens, feel free to click on the link at the side bar to read all my posts! :) 

Today I'm back to review 2 new lenses which I have been enjoying so far!
First up is my current favourite brown lenses- Chimmer Brown
When I first saw the lenses in the bottle they looked very normal to me so I didn't expect much but after putting in on I fell in love with it instantly! Not only does it brighten up my eyes, I really love the design of the lenses and how much life it gives to it! 
The brown tone is the right shade of brown and when in the sun/light the lenses really stand out. There is a subtle dark ring at the edges which slightly enlarges your pupils but not in a very extreme way so to me that is really the perfect size.
 These above are my current daily lenses and I have been getting compliments on it already! :)

As usual, my more commonly worn colours are Brown and Grey so my second pair would be grey lenses! This model is the Hermes Grey. This pair of lenses can come off a little 'strong' if you have always been wearing subtle lenses, I find this pair slightly more dramatic as it really intensifies your eyes and makes it look bigger and more alive! 
  I don't really wear this pair out in the day unless accompanied by heavier make-up or if I'm doing a shoot so my eyes can stand out a little more. Most of the time this pair comes out with me at night if I'm going for a party/dinner and is perfect when I want a stronger look on my face/eyes!
It also looks really pretty when you take pictures (especially with flash!!!)
Current favourite grey lenses!!! :)

Annnnnnnnnnnd you know the drill! To order these lenses you can follow the steps below! 
If you are interested in the various other designs/models DazzleMeLens has, you can always browse their Instagram/Facebook or read my previous recommendations for more options :) 

The more you buy, the cheaper it is :)
1 Pair = $9.20 per pair (230baht)
2 Pairs = $8.00 per pair (200 baht)
3 Pairs = $7.20 per pair (180 baht)
5 Pairs = $6.80 per pair (170 baht)
10 Pairs = $6.40 per pair (160 baht)

*an exclusive offer for my readers*
Quote "ponypony" in your order and state that you're reader to receive
a free set of contact lens case along with your order! 

- Facebook page (Dazzle Me Contact Lens)
- Email, ( )
or - LINE (LINE ID: pan0802, nawisa)
If you don't have line, just drop them a facebook message or email to order! 
If you or you have friends coming to Thailand, you can place an order with DazzleMeLens first and collect + pay it at the store respectively.

Visit their store in Platinum Mall:
Room 441, Oxford 2, 2nd floor, Platinum Fashion Mall, Bangkok, Thailand 10400

Thank You for reading!