August 17, 2015


So recently I have been digging this new skincare brand which I was introduced to and it is none other than PasJel! PasJel was first established in Thailand and it's popularity has exploded out of its shores and around to it's neighbouring countries in Asia! I have always been a fan of Thailand skincare products as they are formulated well to suit Asian skin and have always been effective!

One of the few things that attracted me to their products were that most of them contained natural ingredients which are great for the skin! Plus points for natural ingredients :) 
Before drafting out this post, I had about a month to try out the products and after a month has passed I can say that I am truly pleased with them! I have picked out 4 products to choose from and here's what I chose!

PasJel Fluffy Favour
As I was running out of my old moisturiser, I thought it was timely that I get to try a new one out! For me I tend to lean towards moisturisers that wouldn't leave my skin sticky or oily, so initially I was a little skeptical to try out a new brand when I haven't tested yet. 

However I still decided to go along with my choice and to my surprise I ended up loving this product to bits!The PasJel Fluffy Favour contains Bee Venom and Royal Jelly extract which aids in firming and bringing back elasticity to the skin. At the same time it intensively moisturises with anti-ageing benefits! Packed with tons of goodness for the skin :)
The scent of this moisturiser is really nice and pleasant, the texture is extremely smooth and after applying the product is absorbed well leaving no residue on the skin. It also has that soft and velvety touch after! 

PasJel Oh my Egg Blue (Whitening Formula Soap)
This soap works like a bar soap and lathers when in contact with water, one of the main properties of this soap is that it helps brighten your skin which in turn gives you a clearer complexion!

This soap can be used on the face as well as the body so it's great if you would like to brighten your skin on any part of your body! I'm a fan of skin whitening/brightening products so it was a joy being able to try this out and achieve radiant glowing skin at the end of it all! I have so many friends telling me how much fairer I have become compared to before :) Three cheers to fairer skin!!!

PasJel Premiere Silver Pink Facial Mask
As a fan of masks I couldn't pass off the chance to try out a new mask and I chose this one from PasJel! This mask packs a punch with ingredients that helps reduce inflammation as well as to tone and tighten the skin help you to achieve younger looking skin! 
Basically one word to summarise this mask would be an all-in-1 mask for your face :) 

PasJel Sun Fighting Gel
This has probably got to be my favourite product out of the rest! Gone were the days when sunblock used to be sticky, oily and leaves your face feeling and looking weird after application. I love how this sunblock is colourless and glides on so well on you skin!!! 
Upon application it literally melts onto your skin and is absorbed right away. Not only that it leaves a velvety surface which makes applying make up after super easy, it works almost as well as a primer does that I don't even use my usual primer anymore when I use this! 
Really thankful to PasJel Singapore for sending over these products as I truly enjoy using them!

All products by PasJel Singapore at are 100% safe, free from harmful ingredients and and free from steroids. PasJel is compliantwith Singapore Health Sciences Authority’s guidelines, TFDA approved and GMP certified!

As the brand is quickly expanding there has been reports of imitation PasJel products sold by unauthorized sellers in Singapore so do make sure that you only purchase PasJel products from their site or the authorized dealers listed on their website! 

Do head over to shop for the products above or if you would like to check out some of the other products they have at:
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