August 15, 2015


And..... finally after 3 long years and countless times I have been whining about how much I've missed my purple hair, IT'S BACK!!!
Never thought that I would ever colour my hair like this again and I was quite sad previously when I decided to go back to brown... I even told myself "at least I can look back in my life next time and know that I have attempted it" (looks back at past pictures and admire my purple tresses)
I have also whined about it to my closest friends about how I miss having purple hair and how much I wanted it back. However my hair was pretty short, I wanted to grow it and have healthy and shiny hair again so if I wanted purple it meant bleaching... :(
I have tried purple highlights/streaks but it still couldn't dyeing my entire head purple haha.

So last month I had a spur of a moment thing to dye my hair blonde/silver, it worked but then I got sick of it really quickly, yesterday at Salon Vim I thought to myself... "Since my hair is already bleached and so light, might as well?" So I said PURPLE and never regretted my choice!!!

The purple this time is slightly different from the one I did previously, also I have a few blue highlights this time!
Was super happy when I saw the results and was even happier when I saw how it turned out in pictures! I cannot deny that I love it!!! 
For now I think I'm definitely stuck and hooked onto this color! :)

Salon Vim has an entirely new range of crazy colors available now so if you are down for something crazy and different on your tresses do pop by their outlets! Also, they will be extending their texture control Anti-frizz hair treatment promotion until the 31st August so if your tresses are in need of some pampering as well, now's your chance! :D

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